Gymnasium and Multipurpose Rooms

Excessive noise and reverberation in gymnasiums and multipurpose rooms have the same negative effect on learning as a typical classroom. Noisy, reverberant rooms are not conducive to a good learning environment. Large gymnasiums and multifunction rooms should achieve a reverberation time between 1.25 and 1.75 seconds, depending on the volume of the room and the number of functions requiring good speech intelligibility. The lower the reverberation time in the room, the better the speech intelligibility you have.

We can help you choose the best acoustical material for your application. Based on your budget, the required look, the durability and fire rating of material, and the reverberation time needed for the size and usage of the room, our technical sales representative will guide you through the process to achieve a good learning space.

The French American Academy Gymnasium
Collin College Preston Ridge Conference Center
University of Minnesota Arboretum
NFL Retiree's Basketball Court
Moody Middle School
Lambert's Point Community Center
KCPC Gymnasium
Integrity Christian School
All Aboard Learning Center
City of Forest Hill Civic & Convention Center