• Virginia

Moody Middle School


Like most school gymnasiums, Moody Middle School in Richmond, Virginia had a noise (reverberation) problem. When the gymnasium was full of students, the public-address system was unintelligible, and it was next to impossible to distinguish one conversation from another during large gatherings.

Application Introduction:

The large gym at Moody Middle School was used for class as well as sporting events. When the gym was full of people, the noise levels became such a problem that students and teachers had a difficult time understanding one another. With so many different sounds reflecting off the hard surfaces – the walls, ceiling and floor – the harsh reverberation was overwhelming.

Treatment Provided:

The school contacted Acoustical Solutions to find a way to solve their problem. The Acoustical Solutions Install Team installed a series of 2′ x 4′ x 2″ AlphaEnviro® Sound Baffles between the ceiling trusses to overcome the issue. Baffles offer the most surface area of sound absorbing material, something that the gym was in dire need of.


After installation of the AlphaEnviro® Sound Baffles was complete, E. Earl Binns, principle of Moody Middle School wrote in with these comments:

“The difference is astronomical! The PE folks report that announcements can now be heard, 100 sixth graders are loud but not resonant and the teachers in the two classrooms behind the gym have to go out in the hall to see if the other classes are even in the gym. It’s amazing what baffles can do. Thanks to all who had a part in procuring the sound panels.”