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The French American Academy Gymnasium

The Issue

The French American Academy Gymnasium needed an economical solution to correct the excessive echo and reverberation within their multipurpose space. A private school located in New Jersey, they use this space for many events including sporting events, school dances and graduations. Their goal was to drop the unwanted echo as much as possible.

The Challenge

The room is a typical gym with all hard surfaces. During school events, the noise was becoming overwhelming and unbearable. Jean-Francois needed a solution that would match their current look and feel, as well as help dampen the echo. This would lead to a more pleasant environment for the students, athletes and guests.

The Solution

Jean-Francois contacted Acoustical Solutions looking for an answer to his noise problem. We determined that using 4′ x 4′ panels would not only fit the look, but more importantly, absorb the unwanted echo that was reflecting off of the gym surfaces. In this application the school wished to install the baffles on the walls, since they wanted to preserve the aesthetics of the ceiling. RipStop Nylon panels are the preferred product in this application. Due to budgetary constraints, the customer chose AlphaEnviro® PVC Acoustic Panels.


  • (133) AlphaEnviro® PVC Acoustic Panels 4′ x 4′ x 2″ in Blue for 2,128 square feet of coverage.
The French American Academy Gymnasium

The French American Academy Gymnasium

The Result

After the installation of the AlphaEnviro® PVC Acoustic Panels, they no longer receive complaints about the noise nuisance form their guests and students. They now have a fresh new look and a great sounding gymnasium.

From the client: “Overall we are satisfied with the move.” – Jean-Francois (www.faacademy.org)

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