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NFL Retiree's Basketball Court

The Issue

The basketball court for a retired NFL player desperately needed an acoustic makeover to combat some excessive reverberation. The gym’s speech intelligibility was low, and the reverberation time was long. This is due to hard parallel surfaces and a high ceiling. Installing acoustic wall panels will reduce the echo and reverberation while improving speech intelligibility.

The Challenge

Acoustical Solutions was called in to acoustically treat the home of a retired NFL star. The client’s indoor basketball court had noise issues created by its high ceilings and hard, parallel surfaces. The sound energy in the space reverberated off of these surfaces and contributed to a long reverberation time and amplified sound on the court. The worst part of the issue was when the family dog barked in the space. The noise created by the pet was almost painful.

The Solution

Custom made 1-inch-thick AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels were installed around the upper perimeter of the basketball court. Treating the walls will absorb sound energy before it has a chance to reverberate back into the room. During installation, the sound issue was very apparent to the Acoustical Solutions Install Team. Moving equipment created intense noise and communicating with one another in the room was difficult. AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels have an NRC up to 1.14, meaning that they absorb virtually all the sound energy that reaches them.

The Result

After installation of the AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels was completed, there was a distinct audible difference in the way the room sounded and felt. The reverberation time was reduced significantly, and the basketball court is now a pleasant place to practice and spend time with family.

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