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Conference Rooms

Speech intelligibility is critical in conference rooms. To guarantee privacy, they have reduced noise from air conditioning, mechanical systems and outside noise sources. The room should have a reverberation time from .5 to .75 seconds. The lower the reverberation time in the room, the better the speech intelligibility.

It is usually the responsibility of the architect or design engineer to pre-design the mechanical systems using Noise Criteria Curves (ambient room noise level graphs) based on the intended room usage.

There are several methods that we typically employ to treat conference rooms:

  • We use acoustical absorbing materials on the walls.
  • We add treatment on the ceiling above the conference room table.
  • If there is a drop tile ceiling with an open plenum cavity, we have plenum rated ceiling barrier and return silencers to reduce noise from other rooms and mechanical equipment above.
  • Acoustical door seal kits (ADA approved) can be placed to seal out leakage around the door.