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Dallas 24 Hour Club


The Dallas 24 Hour Club recently built and moved into a new building, and was in desperate need of controlling echo in two of their rooms. The reverberation was so bad, they could not use the rooms as intended.

Application Introduction:

Acoustical Solutions was contacted by a group working with Mr. Noel Barrick, a retired principal with HKS Architects. Mr. Barrick was assisting the Management Team at the Dallas 24 Hour to help solve two very noisy rooms in their new building that had just been completed. Their Meeting Room and Dining Room were so loud is was difficult to hold a conversation, much less a productive meeting.

Mr. Barrick had an idea of what he wanted accomplish. So, he sent drawings and pictures to the Texas branch of Acoustical Solutions for review. An onsite meeting was setup with Mr. Barrick and the Faculties Team of the Dallas 24 Hour Club. After the meeting, Acoustical Solutions confirmed using acoustic wall and ceiling panels would be the right solution to quiet down each room. Then, it was just matter of calculating the correct amount of square footage required to solve their acoustical issues.

The Meeting Room which measures 24′ x 41′ x 8′ had a reverb time of 4.3 seconds. The Dining Room measures 24′ x 19′ x 8′ and its reverb time was 3.7 seconds. Both room’s reverb time was far too high for their intended use. For a room to sound good for speech, you want the reverb time close to 1.5 seconds.

Treatment Provided:

The obvious choice was an absorptive material to help reduce the echo to create an environment conducive to conversation. Our AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels do just that! They also offer a variety of colors and sizes to complement just about any decor. The panels are now on the walls and ceiling throughout the room, creating a comfortable environments for meetings and dining.

Meeting Room

Dining Room


The results of the completed project are exactly what the Dallas 24 Hour Club aimed to achieve. They are elated with the finished product, stating “…it’s finally quiet!”