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The Issue

Located in Washington D.C., Internews is an international, non-profit organization. Their primary location included an open office area designed to promote collaboration, have meetings and for coffee and lunch breaks. Internews noticed that the room’s reflective surfaces would echo and reflect sound. This echo and reflection made it hard for employees to interact and converse. Internews contacted Acoustical Solutions to correct these sound issues.

The Solution

The majority of the area was not treatable due to cabinets, doors and a glass wall. When such a situation occurs, we often look to the ceiling to add an acoustical treatment. One easy material to install direct to a ceiling is acoustical foam. Acoustical Solutions mounted Sonex® Classic Acoustical Foam direct to the ceiling using construction adhesive. This Class 1 fire rated foam is ideal for use in public spaces. Lightweight and economical, Sonex® Classic Acoustical Foam cuts easily to work around sprinklers, lights, cabling and other obstructions.

The satellite conference room spaces received white AlphaSorb® Fabric-Wrapped Anchorage Acoustic Panels. These panels blend in with the walls and provided a clean looking installation to matched the existing decor.

Internews - Sonex Classic acoustical foam in Natural White installed direct to the ceiling to reduce echo.

Internews – Sonex® Classic acoustical foam in Natural White installed direct to the ceiling to reduce echo.

The Result

The acoustical treatment added to the rooms lowered the echo and reverberation and muffled the amount of conversation within the room. Internews was completely satisfied with the results.

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