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  • Oklahoma

City of Broken Arrow


The City of Broken arrow faced an acoustic challenge, which was a terrible echo in their newly renovated conference room. The room had to offer a professional atmosphere with privacy. The conference room acoustics were terrible. Confidential conversations could also bleed into the hallways and corridors of the building.

Application Introduction:

The city wanted to honor their history with some artwork. It was also important to combat the echo problem that was present, as well. The city was really looking for a way to incorporate some images from the historical archives. This would allow the city to honor their history, display some great art, all while eliminating the noise problem of echo and reverb that was currently within the space.

Treatment Provided:

The art panels with  pictures of historical Broken Arrow, in combination with our standard AlphaSorb® fabric panels, makes the perfect solution. The Art Acoustic Panels eliminate the need for additional art pieces while at the same time improves the acoustics. The remainder of the necessary acoustic material is our standard FR701 panels. In most cases, augmenting the art panel treatments with other basic fabric panels will help keep the budget in check. Although the city wanted all art panels, substituting in our standard AlphaSorb Fabric Wrapped panels made the most sense. This combination allowed us to achieve the goals of the client while respecting their budgetary constraints – all while allowing for a professional and pleasing aesthetic.


The panels did exactly what the city wanted them to do. they provided an aesthetically pleasing room that allowed for private conversations to stay with in those walls! “Panels look amazing in our conference and have really improved the sound absorption!”