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The Issue

The customer contacted us to solve a sound issue in a client’s conference room but wanted to do it with flair. After talking about the project with the customer, we discovered that we could together design and produce custom pieces that would go together like a puzzle on the wall with two colors.

The Challenge

The client had a conference room that was not very usable, and connected with an architect/designer, who called on us to solve this issue for their client. The conference room caller on the other end of the phone had a very hard time listening and discerning what’s being said in the room. This is due to the room having all hard surfaces and little to none softer more sound absorbent items; like carpet or panels.

The Solution

We needed to place approx. 160SF of coverage with our 1″ thick AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels. However, this was hard to get in the room on each surface as we would typically want to get a balanced sound to the room due to the glass walls that were on two walls, and the 3rd wall was not available for any treatment. So, we took the one wall that was all drywall and covered it in customer supplied, custom shaped panels to make it an art piece as well as create a custom solution that would be a statement.


AlphaSorb® Panels, 1″ thick

ROART-designed Conference Room

ROART-designed Conference Room

The Result

The architect is very pleased with the outcome of the project and states that the customer is very satisfied as well. Their conference room is now usable, and calls can be made with clear audio for inside the room and on the other end of the call.

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