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Noisy Conference Room

The Issue

Poynter’s needed to solve a noisy conference room that was now also used as a virtual workplace. They needed sound-absorbing panels that would offer functional and decorative features for their commercial office space.

About the Client

Poynter’s Business Solutions is one of the leading providers of office imaging and document solutions in the Mid-Ohio Valley. They provide reliable products and knowledgeable customer service.

Noisy Conference Room Challenges

The space had to be aesthetically pleasing as it would be a conference room and a virtual workspace and studio for Poynter’s. They had a serious echo problem and needed a serious panel that could work as an acoustic wall panel and a decorative wall panel.

The Solution

While it was clear that Poynter’s needed acoustic panels, plain sound-absorbing wall panels would not match their need for decorative acoustic panels. They needed something that would set their virtual workspace, studio, and conference room apart. The AlphaSorb® Art Acoustic Panel was the clear choice to meet their needs. This acoustical fabric panel offers the benefits of a sound panel and the look of a printed canvas style décor.

A noisy conference room was treated with AlphaSorb Fabric-Wrapped Panels

Poynters Conference Room

A noisy conference room was treated with AlphaSorb Art Panels

Poynters Conference Room

The Result

Poynter’s was able to create a visually stunning space for their reps to conduct virtual meetings with clients and vendors. In the process they were able to then start offering this type of solution to their customers who had similar needs for the new work environment.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“I am very pleased with the dampening of the echo in the room without making the room sound dead. I love the look of the Art Panels. It gives the room a finished yet welcoming look rather than a strictly utilitarian look. Everyone who was in the room prior to the acoustic treatment instantly notices that it sounds better. Those who aren’t familiar with the before and after always compliment the look of the AlphaSorb Art Panels.”

With our help and expertise we were able to offer a treatment plan for this space that not only solved the problem of echo and reverb but allowed the client to transform their space into the multifunctional space they needed it to be while giving a high-end finished look that they can now offer to their customers as well. If you have a noisy conference room that needs to look as great as your business, contact me or give us a call at 1-800-782-5742 and ask for Steve! I’ll listen to your needs and the challenges of your space to find a product and treatment that will meet your acoustic goals!

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