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Palmyra High School

The Issue

Palmyra High School’s indoor swimming pool was experiencing high levels of noise pollution, which was causing discomfort and distraction among the swimmers. The noise was also affecting the quality of the swimming experience.

The Solution

After conducting a thorough analysis of the facility, we recommended the installation of AlphaSorb® PVC Plastic Acoustic Sound Baffles and AlphaSorb® Flat Acoustic Foam. The PVC baffles were installed on the walls to absorb sound waves and reduce the noise levels in the facility. The AlphaSorb foam was installed on the ceiling to further reduce the noise levels and improve the acoustics of the facility.

Palmyra High School Natatorium Ceiling

Palmyra High School Natatorium Ceiling

The Result

The installation of the PVC baffles and AlphaSorb foam resulted in a significant reduction in the noise levels in the facility. The swimmers reported a noticeable improvement in their swimming experience, and the quality of the swimming improved as well. The client was extremely satisfied with the results and has since recommended our services to other schools in the area.

Projects like the one at Palmyra High School challenge us to think outside the box. By combining innovation, expertise, and attention to detail, we create solutions that meet the schools demands while enhancing functionality.

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