• Virginia

All Aboard Learning Center


Child development centers do incredibly important work. When architectural acoustics prove to be an obstacle to learning, Acoustical Solutions can help. All Aboard Learning Center needed some help with their noise control issues, so they could help their young students learn.

Application Introduction:

All Aboard Learning Center is a child development center with over 100 children participating in their programs. As Director of the program, Janell Cheek was concerned about noise control within the center’s facilities.

Only opened for one year, the facility was already running at full capacity.  The expansive playroom allowed the children to run, jump and play during inclement weather, but these playtimes generated very high levels of noise. The children loved the “big room”. Unfortunately, the echo of the children’s voices would cause the room noise to get out of control. 

Treatment Provided:

After doing a search online, Janell Cheek found the Acoustical Solutions website. After a free consultation over the phone, a reverberation test was done in the room and within days, Acoustical Solutions provided an estimate for the number of AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels were needed to achieve the sound control that Cheek desired. She said the decision was easily made because “we were offered an affordable rate, and the panels are worth every dollar!


Within weeks after the installation of the acoustical treatment, Janell wrote Acoustical Solutions:

“Wow! What a difference the panels have made! Now our children love to play in the “big room” and the teachers have noticed an improvement in the children’s behavior as the noise abatement has decreased the aggressive play significantly. Parents have commented that they notice the difference in the noise level as well, and they appreciate the sound panels, too.

Thanks, Acoustical Solutions for helping our learning center become one of the premier centers in our area. You have been a godsend! Thanks a million!”