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Michigan Home Studio

The Issue

When a Michigan man attempted making homemade sound diffusers for his home studio, he didn’t quite achieve the results he was looking for. As soon as he called Acoustical Solutions, however, his studio was transformed into a truly professional space.

The Challenge

When Bill Russell began creating his home studio in Michigan, he hired professional contractors to create spaces and build walls according to the principles in F. Alton Everest’s acoustics books.

His well-thought-out start, however, came very close to falling short of an equally favorable conclusion:

“After the construction phase was complete I decided to build all of the absorbers and diffusers myself,” Russell says, “it was during this phase of the studio creation its name was born.”

That name is Gudtenuff Studio.

“Every time I built something, it wouldn’t turn out exactly perfect, and then I would tell my wife, well it’s going to have to be good enough,” he explains.

After a few years of experiencing acoustics that were merely “good enough” due to using homemade diffusers, Russell finally decided to finish his home studio the way he started it.

“Once again, I referenced Mr. Everest’s books to determine what I needed, but this time I decided to do it right, so I called Acoustical Solutions.”

The Solution

When he called, Mr. Russell spoke with a technical sales representative at Acoustical Solutions. He asked about absorptive acoustic panels and diffusers. We suggested diffusers because he was looking for a live, natural recording space. Diffusers take typically problematic square or rectangular rooms with low ceilings and transform them into brighter and more natural sounding rooms,” he says, “they remove flutter and slap back echo, without removing any of the natural tones that some people prefer.”

The two types of diffusers recommended were Barrel Sound Diffusers and AlphaDiffuser™ Fabric Wrapped Sound Diffusers.
Sound diffusers work by breaking up or dispersing sound energy. The result is that the reflected sound waves in the room are far less overbearing.

The Barrel Sound Diffusers take up large portions of the walls and deal with the first reflections and the AlphaDiffuser™ Fabric Wrapped Sound Diffusers were placed on the ceiling directly above the artist to prevent any hard reflections from affecting the sound being picked up by the sensitive mic.

Michigan Home Studio utilizing sound diffusers in a home studio.

Michigan Home Studio utilizing sound diffusers in a home studio.

The Result

Finally, Mr. Russell has a home studio that both began and finished with professionalism.

“I would like to thank you guys at Acoustical Solutions so much, not only do your products work the way they should they also are very pleasing to the eye,” he says, “the only problem I have now is that I need a new name for the studio, maybe ‘Lotsbettur Studio.'”

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