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Steve Snider

  • 13 Fascinating Facts About Sound That You Probably Didn't Know

    To many, sound is an enigma, an invisible force that shapes our days and influences our moods but somehow remains one of the most mysterious and misunderstood phenomena in our lives. That’s why we decided to take this opportunity to dispel some myths, share some fun science facts about sound, and offer some genuinely awe-inspiring […] Read More »

  • Professional Bass Traps

    Professional Bass Traps: An Ideal Choice for Your Studio or Theater

    Often I hear from customers looking to better control the sound in their studio or home theater. They know the sound, meaning the sound coming out of the speakers, is “perfect” or exactly how it should be, but it doesn’t have the same qualities when played in their studio or theater as when they listen […] Read More »

  • Drywall for Soundproofing

    Using Drywall for Soundproofing: Is it Enough?

    To begin, here’s a little context. The projects my customers call me about run the gamut. I talk to folks with small budgets and noisy neighbors who want to soundproof a room so they can sleep. I also work with professional studio owners who are going to spend whatever they need to record virtuoso musicians. […] Read More »

  • What is an NRC Rating? The Noise Reduction Coefficient Explained

    What is an NRC Rating? The Noise Reduction Coefficient Explained

    I completely understand that everyone isn’t as passionate about sound and acoustics as I am. I also get that sound rating systems may be perceived as a dry topic for many. But I promise you that if you have an acoustic problem that led you to read this article or chat with me on the […] Read More »

  • Soundproofing Materials

    The 10 Best Soundproofing Materials for 2023

    As an acoustic specialist, I work with people all the time who are searching for soundproofing solutions that’ll work on various projects. As a company, we’ve helped people and businesses all over the spectrum create soundproof rooms, ranging from residences and conference rooms to restaurants and auditoriums. With the right products and expertise, there’s no […] Read More »

  • AlphaSorb Designer Premium Acoustic Felt Wall Panels installed on an office wall

    The 3 Best Acoustic Panels for Home Studios in 2023

    In 2022, home studios became more popular than ever! Traditional instrument and vocal recording studios continue to be a popular hobby and professional endeavor, but the exponential growth of podcasting and electronic music production have caused demand for home and professional studios alike to really surge. The beauty of podcasting and electronic music production is […] Read More »

  • Barrel Sound Diffuser used in a music room to preserve music clarity.

    What is Sound Diffusion?

    Introduction Sound Diffusion is the act of evenly spreading sound waves throughout a space. This is typically achieved by using sound diffusers, acoustic diffusers, wood sound diffusers, audio diffusers, or sound diffuser panels. When a sound wave strikes a flat, even surface it bounces off that surface at the angle in which it hit. This […] Read More »

  • Blocking Sound Icon

    What is Soundproofing?

    Introduction Soundproofing is the act of eliminating sound transfer from one space to another. Soundproofing involves adding mass and density to a shared boundary to create sonic separation. Soundproof walls, doors, windows, floors and even ceilings are becoming an essential part of our modern world. Whether it’s a soundproof window insert, soundproof interior door, soundproof […] Read More »