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  • Virginia

Pasture Restaurant


Pasture restaurant opened as a trendy downtown eatery and bar. Their focus is on sustainably farmed and raised food and friendly service. The open, minimalist design impressed many visitors, but the noise created by the bare surfaces, did not. Ceiling clouds were installed, suspending from the high ceiling, to reduce noise and reverberation.

Application Introduction:

Pasture Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia was open only eight months before the owner, Ry Marchant, knew they had to address the noise level. The high ceilings, open kitchen, and reclaimed wood walls created reverberation making hard to hold a conversation or understand music.

Treatment Provided:

Acoustical Solutions installed one inch thick fabric wrapped SoundSuede™ Ceiling Clouds, which spanned the entire high, open ceiling. These panels absorb noise, keeping the waves from reflecting and reverberating around the large space. To complement their decor, the customer chose to use the SoundSuede™ Acoustic Fabric for a soft, smooth finish on their hanging clouds. With a wide range of fabrics and color selections, the SoundSuede™ line may be customized to meet the design goals of any project.

Pasture strives to use local, fresh produce and believes in the “farm to table” concept. With these ideals, it was easy and easy decision to go with a local company for their acoustical material.


The cloud mount panels lessened reverberation, reducing the overall noise level and improving intelligibility of speech and music. Customers can enjoy each other’s conversations and dine in comfort.