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Los Patios


Los Patios in San Antonio, Texas is a premier location for dining, shopping, and events. The venue specializes in weddings and boasts a twenty-acre property neighboring the beautiful Salado Creek. After a recent renovation however, the 250-person capacity dining area filled with echo and excessive noise when used by large parties. With help from Acoustical Solutions Sales Rep Mark Brock, Los Patios owners were able to bring down reverberation with acoustic panels and keep the look they loved.

Application Introduction:

John McClung, the Managing Director at Los Patios, says acoustics in the dining area was worsening over time, and hit bottom with a recent renovation:

“The “Gazebo”, our main dining [area] with a seating capacity of 250, underwent substantial renovation in Jan-Feb. of this year. The building had become noisier over the years (40+ years old) as we tried to squeeze more life out of the old asphaltic cement applied acoustical tiles that are no longer made. With every paint-over, the ceiling lost more of its absorptive quality”

“To lend a crisp, clean look to the facility, we elected to sheetrock over the old ceiling and smooth plaster the surface. We got the look we wanted, realizing the sound trade-off would have to be addressed. Enter Acoustical Solutions.”

McClung worked with Acoustical Solutions Architectural Sales Rep Mark Brock to create a plan for acoustical treatment that would bring down noise, but preserve the aesthetic elements updated during the renovation.

Treatment Provided:

Mark Brock knew the room needed all the sound absorption it could get.  He had to figure out which product would provide the highest NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and take up the least amount of wall space.

“Mark gave me calculations for ideal sound absorption coverage,” said McClung, “to implement them would have required application to both walls and ceiling. I didn’t want to alter the appearance of our new ceiling, so I got with Mark and selected the highest factor product in your arsenal, the 2” thick [AlphaSorb® Acoustical Panels] with acoustically neutral covering; electing to treat selected wall areas.”


The AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels brought down reverberation significantly, eliminating the necessity for ceiling treatment.

McClung drafted a follow up email to Acoustical Solutions after installation:

“We, and our customers, are delighted with the result. [It is] aesthetically pleasing, and the tiresome reverberation has been dramatically reduced. The panels look great and dramatically “quieten” the rooms. Well-engineered and well installed. Thanks.”