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AlphaSorb® Designer Colors Indoor/Outdoor Wall Baffle

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Thickness: 2"
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Product Description

AlphaSorb® Designer Colors Indoor/Outdoor Sound Absorbing Panels are an excellent noise control solution for large spaces. Our weather-resistant acoustical wall panels make it possible to have beautiful outdoor spaces with great sound quality. Each panel is 2 inches thick and has an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of 0.70. They are highly effective in absorbing sound waves, to reduce echoes and reverb, and creating more comfortable interior or exterior environments.

What sets them apart is their visual appeal and versatility. Our exterior sound absorbing panels offer superior sound absorption in twelve vibrant colors. You can customize the exact dimensions to suit your space, with sizes available up to 4 feet by 10 feet. They’re also simple to install thanks to the built-in stainless-steel grommets.

Acoustic panels for outdoor use demand high durability and exceptional performance. Our panels feature a semi-rigid acoustic core wrapped in TENARA® fabric. The design makes them long-lasting, fire-rated, and resistant to weather, mildew, and fading.

TENARA® fabric is a superior commercial-grade fabric made with ePTFE, a porous synthetic material that is breathable and water repellent. It is resistant to UV radiation, chemicals, extreme temperatures, fire, and dirt. It also has a self-cleaning surface that prevents mold and mildew from growing. It is also very strong and flexible, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

Our acoustic wall baffles offer a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience for your customers, visitors, or guests. Whether you’re running a restaurant with outdoor dining spaces, managing a music venue, or operating a crowded amusement park, these wall baffles will make a noticeable difference in noise reduction. Say goodbye to the distracting and unpleasant noise that often accompanies outdoor settings and embrace a more serene and tranquil atmosphere.

With AlphaSorb® Designer Colors Indoor/Outdoor Acoustic Baffles you can bring style and effective sound control outside. It’s possible to have beautiful, large spaces with improved speech intelligibility with these hanging baffles. Elevate your exterior with this new versatile and colorful line of exterior-grade baffles and panels.

Benefits of our outdoor acoustic panels

  • Vibrant colors. Match your design vision and align with your brand with 12 modern color options
  • Mildew resistant. Important in outdoor settings where humidity levels can be high. Whether it’s scorching heat, heavy rain, or freezing temperatures, these wall baffles can withstand it all.
  • Fade resistant. After prolonged exposure to sunlight, the vibrant colors of the wall baffles will remain intact, ensuring a visually appealing aesthetic for your outdoor space.
  • Class B fire rated. Tested and certified to meet the required fire safety standards, giving you peace of mind knowing that your outdoor area is protected.


  • Outdoor dining
  • Pavilions
  • Music Venues
  • Amphitheaters
  • Amusement Parks
  • Mechanical equipment enclosures
  • Manufacturing environments
  • Field houses

Technical Information for AlphaSorb® Designer Colors Indoor/Outdoor Panel

  • Sizes: 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 8′, custom sizes up to 4′ x 10′ (call)
  • Thickness: 2″
  • Material: 1.5 PCF Fiberglass Core
  • Finish: Exterior grade fabric stitched with TENARA® thread
  • Colors: 12 colors available
  • Intended Use: sound absorption
  • Fire Rating: Class B
  • Suspension: stainless steel grommets
  • NRC: 0.70
Sound Absorption (Hz) — Type A Mounting per ASTM C423-22
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
0.36 0.97 1.08 0.47 0.22 0.11 0.70

prop 65 warning icon WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including glass wool fibers (inhalable and biopersistent) known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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