EcoSorpt Cotton Acoustic Panel

EcoSorpt Cotton Acoustic Panel
EcoSorpt Cotton Acoustic PanelEcoSorpt Cotton Acoustic Panel

Our EcoSorpt Cotton Acoustic Panel is a LEED eligible, high performance, recycled cotton product that is used to reduce ambient noise levels and excessive reverberation. These panels can be glued directly to a wall or ceiling.

The natural cotton fibers are 100% recyclable and are made from at least 85% post-industrial recycled content making them a natural for the new LEED certified projects. As a result, less landfill, less energy consumption in the manufacturing process, less pollution, and a product that meets your needs for noise control.

EcoSorpt™ products can be used in a wide variety of applications. Whether you need to increase speech intelligibility or lower excessive noise levels, EcoSorpt™ materials are your economical, acoustical solution.

Click here to watch an episode of Man Caves: USO Troop Edition where our donated EcoSorpt panels are used in a USO theater and music room in Kuwait.

EcoSorpt™ Colors: Marble Blue, Pure Blue, Graphite, Beige, Black, Light Grey, Navy Blule, White, Burgindy, Hunter Green

  • 1″ Thick, 3# PCF
  • 1″ Thick, 6# PCF
  • 2″ Thick, 3# PCF

*Please Note: The colors vary from dye lot to dye lot due to recycled content.

EcoSorpt Cotton Acoustic Panel
Model No.ColorSizeDensityPrice
PANECO1″3#-BEIBeige2′ x 4′ X 1″3.0 lb.$28.10
PANECO1″3#-BLKBlack2′ x 4′ X 1″3.0 lb.$28.10
PANECO1″3#-BURBurgundy2′ x 4′ X 1″3.0 lb.$28.10
PANECO1″3#-GRAGraphite2′ x 4′ X 1″3.0 lb.$26.10
PANECO1″3#-GREGreen2′ x 4′ X 1″3.0 lb.$28.10
PANECO1″3#-LGLight Gray2′ x 4′ X 1″3.0 lb.$28.10
PANECO1″3#-MARMarble Blue2′ x 4′ X 1″3.0 lb.$22.50
PANECO1″3#-NAVNavy Blue2′ x 4′ X 1″3.0 lb.$28.10
PANECO1″3#-PURPure Blue2′ x 4′ X 1″3.0 lb.$24.40
PANECO1″3#-WHIWhite2′ x 4′ X 1″3.0 lb.$28.10
PANECO1″6#-BEIBeige2′ x 4′ X 1″6.0 lb.$44.90
PANECO1″6#-BLKBlack2′ x 4′ X 1″6.0 lb.$44.90
PANECO1″6#-BURBurgundy2′ x 4′ X 1″6.0 lb.$44.90
PANECO1″6#-GRAGraphite2′ x 4′ X 1″6.0 lb.$41.80
PANECO1″6#-GREGreen2′ x 4′ X 1″6.0 lb.$44.90
PANECO1″6#-LGLight Gray2′ x 4′ X 1″6.0 lb.$44.90
PANECO1″6#-MARMarble Blue2′ x 4′ X 1″6.0 lb.$35.85
PANECO1″6#-NAVNavy Blue2′ x 4′ X 1″6.0 lb.$44.90
PANECO1″6#-PURPure Blue2′ x 4′ X 1″6.0 lb.$38.60
PANECO1″6#-WHIWhite2′ x 4′ X 1″6.0 lb.$44.90
PANECO2″3#-BEIBeige2′ x 4′ X 2″3.0 lb.$45.15
PANECO2″3#-BLKBlack2′ x 4′ X 2″3.0 lb.$45.15
PANECO2″3#-BURBurgundy2′ x 4′ X 2″3.0 lb.$45.15
PANECO2″3#-GRAGraphite2′ x 4′ X 2″3.0 lb.$42.00
PANECO2″3#-GREGreen2′ x 4′ X 2″3.0 lb.$45.15
PANECO2″3#-LGLight Gray2′ x 4′ X 2″3.0 lb.$45.15
PANECO2″3#-MARMarble Blue2′ x 4′ X 2″3.0 lb.$36.10
PANECO2″3#-NAVNavy Blue2′ x 4′ X 2″3.0 lb.$45.15
PANECO2″3#-PURPure Blue2′ x 4′ X 2″3.0 lb.$38.80
PANECO2″3#-WHIWhite2′ x 4′ X 2″3.0 lb.$45.15

For more information on our EcoSorpt Cotton Acoustic Panel, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.

15 reviews for EcoSorpt Cotton Acoustic Panel

  1. :

    one teen driving another insane- they share a wall in a key section where the “bad guy” is playing xbox and or at least on the mike. If i add foam to the adjoining wall(s) – does it need to go to the ceiling or will 2ft above the voice box work?

    • :

      Annette, unfortunately foam isn’t going to block noise transfer. Foam works to improve sound within a room (reverberation and echo reduction). Products that block noise normally include products with mass such as vinyl sound barriers and absorber/barrier blankets. Sound damping compounds such as QuietGlue Pro are also very effective.

  2. :

    I’m considering using the EcoSorpt Cotton Wall Sound Panels for an indoor windowless home theatre room in my house. Of all the products you offer, would this particular one be the most appropriate to use in such a case?

    • :

      Frank – The EcoSorpt Wall Sound Panels will absolutely work in your home theater, and they will work well. There are two products, however, that are similar in performance to the EcoSorpt panels, but have a more theater-like look.

      The first is our Commonwealth Collection of wall panels (pictured). These panels can be used in almost any setting where sound absorption is needed, but they’re designed to compliment commercial and home theaters.

      Next is our SoundSuede collection of wall panels. These absorptive wall panels, which are wrapped in suede fabric, create a very plush, intimate, comfortable setting that some other wall panels won’t.

  3. :

    Can you paint over your soundproof panels?

    • :

      Great question, George. You can paint over the panels, although it does have a slightly uneven surface due to the cotton surface. I would be concerned with finding a Flame Retardant Paint such as a Firetect paint. Remember, the paint may affect the amount of sound absorption so I would recommend keeping the paint layers light.

  4. :

    Can these panels be cut into different shapes? Also would they be effective if suspended from a high ceiling rather than adhered to a wall or ceiling surface?

    • :


      These panels can be trimmed, but if you are looking for a more detailed shape like this panel we made for Brook Run Vet, a fabric-wrapped panel would produce a much better result. Click here to see our Alphasorb fabric-wrapped panels.

      Also, the ecosorpt panels are not meant to be suspended. Their cotton texture makes it difficult to install them in this way which is why they are typically adhered to a surface. Alphasorb panels can be suspended as clouds or baffles (meaning horizontally or vertically).

      If you are interested in a ‘greener’ option, our sustainable series products are the most environmentally friendly acoustical products available and are also available in clouds and baffles!

      Also, please look at our AcoustiClouds, cloud panels that are made in custom shapes:

      Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or would like further explanation of these products: 1-800-782-5742

      We can’t wait to hear from you!

  5. :

    I have a street level gallery with 8 foot ceilings. I Plan to set up my drums in one corner of the room. I plan to use a plexiglass screen in fron of the kit with some sound absorbing foam attached to it. What is the best material I should use for the wall behind and ceiling above to absorb as much sound as possible so not to disturb neighbors?

    • :

      Hi Ash,

      You are right, these panels do absorb noise, but if your goal is to not disturb your neighbors, you need to BLOCK noise. Using sound-absorbing materials will only reduce reverberation and excessive noise within the space they are installed, not reduce sound transmission into other areas. To block noise you can use barrier tiles for the ceiling.

      and for the walls you can install AudioSeal Sound Barrier, Barrier Panels, Damping Compound with additional drywall, Barrier Blankets, or a combination of things. Please call in and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales reps for a more detailed recommendation based on your room and budget: 1-800-782-5742

  6. :

    we recently remodeled the lobby of our nature center. So now we have a wide hallway with high ceilings which creates an echo. I thought putting the cotton panels on the wall about midway to the ceiling would buffer the sound and reduce the echo when there are people talking and noise going on. Will this work? I also don’t know how many 2’x4′ panels i would need.

    • :

      Hi Michelle,

      These panels would work very well for your hallway. What they do is absorb sound waves so they don’t have a chance to reverberate in the space and create echo. You may also want to consider treating the ceiling as well with ceiling tiles or suspended acoustical clouds. To find out how many panels you will need, please call in and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. They can talk you through your noise issue and give you a recommendation based on the dimensions of your space. Also, if you are looking for environmentally friendly products for your nature center, ecosorpt is a good choice. You may also want to check out our sustainable series products.

      We also have other ‘green’ acoustical products.

  7. :

    Question- We are a industrial company working with machinery and large equipment. What would be the best panel to place on the 5’x10′ walls in our shop to eliminate the sound from the equipment?

    • :

      Hi Jenae,

      If you are trying to eliminate sound coming from your machinery, acoustical wall panels are probably not the best way to go. The wall panels will eliminate reverberation and bring down the overall noise level, but for something like loud machinery you should be looking at an enclosure. The best material for this would be a combination absorber/barrier acoustical blanket. Click here to view our sound blanket enclosures.

      Please feel free to call in with any additional questions or to request a quote: 800-782-5742

  8. :

    Hi there, Can these panels be used as a pin wall in an office? Thanks!

    • :

      Hi Katie,

      I wouldn’t recommend using EcoSorpt as a pin board, it is too soft for this purpose. We do carry acoustical panels specifically designed for this called AlphaSorb Tackable Wall Panels.

  9. :

    Can EcoSorpt Cotton Wall Panels be used outside of Dishwasher?

    • :

      Hi Limin,

      If you are trying to block noise coming from the dishwasher, this is not a great option. What you can try are vibration isolation pads to stop structure borne noise from the machine or a barrier blanket enclosure to stop airborne noise. Please call in and speak with one of our technical sales reps if you have questions about these products: 800-782-5742

  10. :

    Hi acousticalsolutions team. I want to make acoustic panels to my homestudio. in my search on the net, the fiberglass is the most used but it has Formaldehyde and binding agents the release volatil organic compounds. what about the ecosorpt recycled cottom ? does it have any type of air polution ? Thanks.

    • :

      Hi Igor, Our EcoSorpt Panels are VOC and formaldehyde free! If you prefer a fiberglass panel, there is also our Sustainable Series Wall Panels which use special Ecose Fiberglass – Ecose is also formaldehyde free and uses organic based adhesives.

  11. :

    Hi, would these panels work in a noisy hair salon to reduce echo and constant hair dryers, chattering, etc? The floors are a commercial hard wood-type material, drywall walls and ceiling, and 1 window. Thanks! (There are times at work when it’s easier to hear someone 20 feet away than the client 1 foot in front of me! Us girls can be loud!)

    • :

      Hi Elayne, These EcoSorpt panels would work great in your salon! They reduce reverberation and would lower the overall noise level. Most importantly, though, they would increase speech intelligibility so you can better communicate with your clients. I would also recommend taking a look at our AcoustiArt Sound Absorbing Panels, which can be printed with photos or graphics of your choice. The attached photo is an AcoustiArt Panel we were making for a salon in Southern California. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more: 800-782-5742

  12. :

    Can these panels or others be used outside in a high humidity environment without collecting mold or mildew? We have an area near a waterfall with stone floors, wooden ceiling and open walls to the outside. The waterfall and hard surfaces create lots of background noise.

    • :

      Hi Kevin,

      EcoSorpt wouldn’t be a great product to use for your application, but we do have exterior grade acoustical panels available like our Cypress Acoustical Panels pictured here, our PolySorpt, and PhonStop Panels.

  13. :

    We have a loft with 1 wood wall, 1 drywalled wall and the other has mostly windows and a door (some shingles). There is no 4th wall. It is open to the store. Floor is wood. The sounds of people up there seem to amplify to the store and it can get quite loud. Are these the best panels for this? Can I use them on the ceiling? It would only be back wall and ceiling.

    • :

      Hi Brian,

      These panels would work, but so would any of our sound absorbing acoustical panels. Feel free to look through our selection of AlphaSorb™ Fabric Wrapped Panels, Sustainable Series Recycled Panels, and my personal favorite, AcoustiArt and AcoustiDesign printed panels. These are especially cool for a living space because you can add any high resolution image and hang it like artwork. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about these or other products: 800 782 5742

  14. :

    I just got done completely a brewery and bar with eating lounge. The building is old parts are 1867 and the other 1935. Bar is in the 1935 and eating lounge in 1867. Ceiling is hard plaster and approx. 14.5 ft in height. It is a commercial building. The floor is refurbish maple flooring. All is hard surfaces. Would eco stlye cotton panels work in this environment ? Thanks Tom M.

    • :

      Hi Tom! Yes, our EcoSorpt Panels would work in your application. All of our acoustical panels absorb sound waves, which would reduce the echo and reverberation in your bar and eating lounge caused by all the hard surfaces. Another popular option in dining facilities are our AlphaSorb Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels, which look very finished and come in a wide variety of colors, our Studio 54 Cleanable Panels, and our AcoustiArt Printed Panels. You can see more options here.

      Please feel free to call in with any additional questions. One of our knowledgeable sales reps can talk you through your noise issue and any possible solutions: 800 782 5742

  15. :

    We’re considering using EcoSorpt for an installation with gently curved ceilings (see picture). Are the panels flexible enough to be adhered to the large radius portion of the curve with loctite or similar? We specifically do not want to use hanging rigid panels or wall panels.

    • :

      Hi Peter, our EcoSorpt Panels are flexible enough to be adhered to your curved ceiling. Please call in with any additional questions! 800 782 5742

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