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Don Strahle

  • Room Soundproofing

    The Ultimate Guide to Soundproofing a Room

    Are you trying to reduce the sound in your home or business? Well, I’ve been doing just that for over twenty years, so if you’re looking for ways to reduce noise and create a peaceful environment, you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, when folks call me for help with their sound issue they’re often […] Read More »

  • Applying Acoustical Caulk

    Understand Acoustic Caulk and How to Utilize it to Prevent Sound Leakage

    Acoustic caulk is a high-performance caulk that’s really easy to apply and typically specified by architects in new construction and renovation projects to reduce sound transmission from room to room. While it’s a bit more expensive than most traditional caulks, it’s incredibly popular to use in schools, offices, hospitality, multi-family and other commercial projects where […] Read More »

  • PrivacyShield® Dual-Sided Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket

    What are Soundproof Blankets?

    Introduction Acoustic Blankets have may uses. They are manufactured in two typical configurations: sound blankets that absorb sound to reduce noise reflections as well as absorber-barrier combination blankets that both absorb and block sound. They can be used as industrial enclosures to quiet down a piece of equipment, or mounted direct to wall to help […] Read More »

  • AlphaSorb® Art Acoustic Panel

    What Are Acoustic Art Panels?

    What are Acoustic Art Panels? Acoustic Art Panels provide a great sound absorption option for homes or businesses. Of course, the industry standard for sound absorption is the AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel. Aesthetically, which acoustical treatment would you rather have hung on your wall?: Why are Acoustic Art Panels Important? Most people find AlphaSorb® Art […] Read More »

  • Egg Cartons Get Egg on Their Face in Acoustics Test

    Egg Cartons Get Egg on Their Face in Acoustics Test

    Introduction So, if you’ve spend much time at all in the Acoustics Industry, sooner or later you are going to hear this: “Well we could just put some egg cartons on the walls to treat the room.” Not exactly. Well, you could, but your studio or home theater will look like a recycling center and […] Read More »

  • AcoustiArt in a Family Room

    Adding art to your acoustical treatment

    For years the only way to spruce up the way your acoustical sound panels has been to add some form of solid-colored fabric. Now, though, we’ve taken another step to allow you to add art to your acoustical panels. Our decorative acoustical panels, or acoustic art panels, allow you to add high-quality designs and photos to […] Read More »

  • Verisk Health Art Acoustic Panels depicting Richmond area landmarks.

    Acoustic Art Printed Acoustical Wall Panels are Perfect for the Office

    In 2015, we introduced our Printed Acoustical Wall Panels, and orders have been rushing through our warehouse and into commercial offices faster than we can count! The increasing number of open office plans have created a lack of speech privacy and increased distraction. High noise levels in the working environment have facility managers embracing the […] Read More »