What are Acoustic Art Panels?

Acoustic Art Panels provide a great sound absorption option for homes or businesses. Of course, the industry standard for sound absorption is Alphasorb® FR701 Fabric Wrapped Panels.

Aesthetically, which acoustical treatment would you rather have hung on your wall?:

#2843 Orchid – Guilford of Maine Anchorage

AlphaSorb® Anchorage Fabric-Wrapped Panel

AlphaSorb® Art Acoustic Panel

AlphaSorb® Art Acoustic Panel

Why are Acoustic Art Panels Important?

Most people find AlphaSorb® Art Acoustic Panels a more attractive solution. The image that is wrapped around the acoustic absorptive material (e.g.-fiberglass) can be user supplied. Examples include family photos, company logos, or other interesting personal pictures. Images can also be purchased from an image library such as Shutterstock or Getty Images. Examples include licensed images from popular movies, professional photographers, and actual images of beautiful pieces of art. In the end the customer gets the advantage of having an aesthetically pleasing image hanging on the wall while at the same time having the benefit of reduced echo in the room.

Art Acoustic Panels on the back wall of Jim Worth's Family Room.

Art Acoustic Panels on the back wall of a Family Room.

The Acoustical Solutions Difference

Acoustical Solutions recently upgraded our ability to provide superior panels in three ways:

  1. Our self-service online ordering tool makes it easier for customers to upload custom images, order panels easily, and check out efficiently. Simply follow the steps – upload the image, choose the panel dimensions and orientation, crop the image and adjust it as you see fit, and check out of the store paying for the art panel order with a credit card. Customers need to be sure that the images they upload meet the minimum pixel resolution standard so that the printed image looks great when it hangs on the wall. However, don’t fear, the images are checked by our customer service person and our graphic designer. If they see an issue with image clarity, they will call the customer before proceeding.
  2. We have changed to a new printer technology and fabric which provides more vivid and vibrant colors. The printable fabric used is a durable textile specifically created for low sound transmission loss and high resolution printing. Not only does the fabric have a Flame Retardant rating of NFPA 701, it’s also resistant to scuffing and scratching.
  3. We also improved our fabric wrapping process. We now “tuck” the printed fabric into a custom extruded rigid plastic frame creating a beautifully finished art panel. This design approach provides the added benefit that the image can be easily replaced in the future if so desired. The real advantage is that the frame protects the sides of the panel from damage and provides very crisp corners, more like an actual artwork frame. This also makes hanging the panel much easier.


Alphasorb® Acoustic Art Panels are an excellent and attractive way to address noise problems in your home or office. These custom acoustic art panels are equal parts sound absorber and artwork. Made from high quality materials, the panels are class A fire rated, easy to hang, and completely customizable, providing a superior look and feel to other options on the market. To learn more about Acoustical Art Panels visit our Art Panel product page.

To learn more about how Acoustical Solutions can solve your noise control problems, use our contact form, call one of our Acoustical Sales Consultants at (800) 782-5742, or visit us on the web at acousticalsolutions.com.