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Acoustic Art Panels In A Seminary

The Issue

Acoustic Art Panels can be used in a variety of applications. They can be mounted on the walls and ceiling and are highly customizable. Read on to see just one successful use of Acoustic Art Panels and see how great they can look!

Introducing: The “Cocktail Effect.” You’ve heard it before. You’re out to dinner. The room fills up with people, all of which are talking. The room gets loud, really loud. You have to start talking louder and louder just to be heard. Now you’re yelling, and so is everyone else. You leave with your ears ringing. You’ve lost your voice. You barely remember your dinner. You’re not pleased.

The Challenge

We’ve all been there before. For the President’s House at the Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, NJ, the Cocktail Effect was a real problem. Dawne Barnes of db Design Studio recognized this problem right away during one of their Seminary Events. The room is used for entertaining guests and hosting events for the Seminary and can fill up with people quickly. The Cocktail Effect was in full effect, and so were the complaints. Knowing this was a serious problem, she contacted Acoustical Solutions for help.

The Solution

Looking around the space, there’s a mixture of highly reflective building materials: brick, glass, and metal. These building materials are known for taking sound waves and vibrations and reflecting them back into the space without any loss of energy. This results in the following: a very loud environment, echoes, and the Cocktail Effect. To combat this problem, we recommended using Acoustical Panels. Acoustical Panels work by absorbing sound energy and not reflecting the sound back into the space. Dawne saw that the AlphaSorb® Art Acoustic Panels and Studio 54 Panels worked best for her design, and she sent us images she wanted turned into Acoustical Panels. The pressure was on: we had to work quickly to meet a deadline so her team could get the Acoustical Panels up before their next Seminary Event.

The Result

The Acoustical Panels arrived on time, and you can see the result below!

Acousti-Art Cross Panel

Acoustic Art Cross Panel

Acoustical Wall Panels turn a hard, reflective surface into an absorptive one

Acoustical Wall Panels turn a hard, reflective surface into an absorptive one

From L to R: AlphaSorb Studio 54 Panels and AlphaSorb Acoustic Art Panels

From L to R: AlphaSorb® Studio 54 Panels and AlphaSorb® Acoustic Art Panels

In the Customer’s Own Words

“Everything arrived on time, and everyone loved the panels! What we noticed right away was the diminished echo and normalcy of sound in the room! Bravo! Thank you so very much for all you did to make this happen. I am so appreciative for you hard work on this. I have a feeling others will be giving you a call because they were so impressed by the product! The panels are doing exactly what we’d hoped! They make the space seem much less cavernous and really do absorb the voices of the people using the space. Thanks again for all of your help in making this space really work for us and all the entertaining for the seminary that we do at our home.”

— Dawne Barnes, db Design Studio

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