Last year, we introduced our Printed Acoustical Wall Panels, and orders have been rushing through our warehouse and into commercial offices faster than we can count!

The increasing number of open office plans have created a lack of speech privacy and increased distraction. High noise levels in the working environment have facility managers embracing the technology of acoustical wall panels which create improved performance and employee comfort.

Our Art Acoustic Panels have become a popular choice for this application because they offer much needed acoustical control but can be made with any high resolution image or photograph, adding personalization to the treatment.

We wanted to dedicate a post to show you all the new printed panels we’ve been putting together for customers looking to lower noise and add some design at work – maybe you’ll be inspired to add your own favorite image (and noise control) to your office. Check them out:

This is an order from an office just down the road from us here in Richmond, VA. Verisk Health wanted images from around the city to cover the walls of their conference room to improve the intelligibility or conference calls and personalize the space.