ClearSonic IsoPac B



Height: 78"

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The ClearSonic IsoPac B is similar to IsoPac A in sound reduction, but is slightly smaller, and allows for the bass drum to be seen in the front. There are six ClearSonic panels with clear height extenders in the front, and three SORBER baffles in the rear. The acrylic panels are a total of 6.5′ tall, and the S2466X2 baffles are 5.5′ tall, so there is a foot of open space around the rear of the booth allowing for air exchange.

Technical Information for ClearSonic IsoPac B:

  • Nominal Overall Size: 6′ wide x 7′ deep x 6.5′ high
  • Sound Reduction: 50-60%
  • ClearSonic Part Number: IPB
Included Parts
Part #Old Part#Description
A2466x6A5-6(6) 24″ x 66″ clear shield sections (front) 144″ wide x 66″ high
AX2412x6AX12-6(6) 24″ x 12″ clear height extenders (144″ wide x 12″ high)
S2466X2S5-2D(3) 2-section SORBER  Fabric-Hinged 48″ wide x 66″ high (Dark Grey)
S2466STC5D(1) 24″ x 66″ SORBER 1.6″ thick Top Center Lid Section (Dark Grey)
S1266STC512D(2) 12″ x 66″ SORBER 1.6″ thick Top Center Lid Section (Dark Grey)
S2224S2D(4) 22″ x 24″ SORBER 1.6″ thick with Velcro (Dark Grey)
BARBAR(1) Standard 2-section Aluminum Support Bar
FANFAN(1) 6″ 2-speed clip-on Fan 110volt (Clips on to SORBER or Acrylic)

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  1. Set the Captives Free Outreach Center

    Very nice. Functional, attractive, and affordable.