AudioMetric Booth

AudioMetric Booth
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Our AudioMetric Booth is specially engineered with features that maximize performance, including a double acoustic window and silenced ventilation. The advanced design of these units feature all-welded, unitized construction, ensuring long-term acoustic integrity as well as durability.  The booths are delivered fully assembled and will pass through a 30″ clear opening doorway.  The large overlapping side entry door with the continuous magnetic seals allow the person being tested to enter and exit easily.

Standard features of our AudioMetric Booth include lighting, carpeting, vibration isolators or heavy duty casters, universal jack panel (adaptable to any audiometer) and forced air ventilation.

Notes: BOTASB200 and BOTASB2000 are fully welded booths. BOTAS4230, BOTAS4240, BOTAS4250 use camlocks to make them modular and easily reconfigurable.

AudioMetric Screening Booth
Model No.Exterior DimensionsInterior DimensionsAreaPrice
BOTASB20040″ x 32″ x 65″36″ x 28″ x 58″8.89 sq. ft.$4,570.00
BOTASB200040″ x 32″ x 75″36″ x 28″ x 68″8.89 sq. ft.$4,900.00
BOTAS423042″ x 30″ x 75″38″ x 26″ x 68″8.75 sq. ft.$5,125.00
BOTASB424042″ x 40″ x 75″38″ x 36″ x 68″11.67 sq. ft.$5,765.00
BOTASB425042″ x 50″ x 75″36″ x 41″ x 68″11.58 sq. ft.$6,575.00

For more information on our AudioMetric Booth, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.

5 reviews for AudioMetric Booth

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    Does the 250 series mini sound shelter require maintenance and how frequently should it be done ?

  2. :

    I work in an occupational health setting and use a 250 series mini sound shelter audometric booth , I”l like to know if it requires service / competency check and how frequently should it be done ?

  3. :

    We would like to formally thank you and your offices for the speedy production and delivery of our new Sound Booth. It is working well and was very easy to assemble.

  4. :

    I did sit in this booth and have my hearing tested. It is a great booth to be portable!
    – I have been in many larger non portable booths but this booth was great for the purpose.
    – We did change the light bulb as the one it comes with it so BRIGHT, so we purchased a softer one
    – The fan and audiometer desk were very easy to put on.
    – We went out and bought a study chair with no arms to fit.
    – Great booth!!!!

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    can you provide us with a quote for 3 audio booths please. we’re an air force reserve medical unit from grissom arb, in. thanks

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