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Acoustic Double Door Astragals

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Product Description

Our Acoustic double door astragals are designed to effectively seal off the air gaps that create sound leaks where the doors meet. Just as you need acoustic door jambs to seal off the outside vertical sides and top of your door, these astragals are used to seal off the vertical meeting point at the center of double doors.

There are different meeting stiles (astragals) made for double doors. We have astragals for when you have only one active door, or for applications where both doors are used. When both doors are active, you will need a separate 328 stile or astragal for each door. If only one door is active, you only need a single stile or astragal for the active door.

These astragals are often used in conjunction with door jamb seals, automatic door bottoms, acoustic thresholds or Acoustic Door Seal Kits.

These products have a tolerance of +/- 1/8″.

Technical Information for Acoustic Double door Astragals

  • Size: 84″, 96″ or custom as required
  • Color: Aluminum, Dark Bronze
  • Style:
    • 140: For use when door set has one active door
    • 328: For use when door set has two active doors

Installation Method

  • Measure door height
  • Cut astragal to length
  • Position meeting stiles on pull side of the door
  • Secure loosely with mounting screws
  • Align pieces for a tight seal and completely fasten screws
  • Adjust as necessary to allow doors to close and latch properly

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