Door Jamb Bubble Seal

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Our Door Jamb Bubble Seal installs into the corner of the jamb to seal the perimeter of a door assembly. Installing a bubble seal prevents the passage of air and sound. Reducing the amount of air that passes helps improve the sound reduction of the door and other soundproofing that may be in place.

The peel and stick backing of this silicone-based seal makes installation super easy. Simply measure and cut the seal to fit the head and jambs. Install the seal by removing the paper backing 1′ to 2′ at a time, while aligning and pressing the gasket into its final position.

The Door Jamb Bubble Seal is the perfect accessory to our heavy-duty door jamb seals and door seal kits. Use these in a range of commercial or residential applications.

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Customer Reviews

12 reviews for Door Jamb Bubble Seal

  1. Cliff

    Over Priced

  2. Thomas Griffith

    Great product, well made and effective.


    Product is good


    Products is good

  5. Johnny Allen

    Works well. Easy to install

  6. Texas State University

    Works great!

  7. Verified Customer

    Works perfectly and greatly reduces sound bleed through the doorway. Instructions were clear and easy.

  8. Verified Customer

    The product is excellent…very different from conventional seals from *** type stores….much thinner and more pliable. Installed easily. A slight adjustment to the strike plate was needed to help close the door easily.

  9. Verified Customer

    Doesn't work as well on doors that have gaps of varying amounts. Door is also difficult to close after installation.

  10. Verified Customer


  11. Verified Customer

    I used the door jamb acoustic strips to block sound from coming into the room through gaps between the French door panels. The material is working very well.

  12. Verified Customer

    Keeps noise from the hallway from entering the room. Does not prevent door from closing.