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The Sound Advice Blog

Many people find the world of acoustical treatments to be confusing and overwhelming. Here on the Acoustical Solutions Sound Advice Blog, we will concentrate on presenting solutions to typical acoustical problems and discuss relevant topics on the subject.

The posts here will be related general sound and noise control topics like blocking sound, absorbing sound, or diffusing sound. We will also provide information on how acoustical materials can be used or applied to specific applications.

  • Agati Furniture - Open office plan using red AlphaSorb® panels and Sonex® Whisperwave® Clouds in ceiling.

    An Architects Guide to Designing Private, Soundproof Office Spaces

    Introduction In most business settings, it’s critical to have office spaces and conference rooms with sufficient speech privacy to protect confidential information. This is especially true in healthcare, education, government, and for executive leadership and HR professionals in corporate settings. Architects and acousticians have traditionally had few to design these spaces to achieve privacy. The purpose […] Read More »

  • Barrel Sound Diffuser used in a music room to preserve music clarity.

    What is Sound Diffusion?

    Introduction Sound Diffusion is the act of evenly spreading sound waves throughout a space. This is typically achieved by using sound diffusers, acoustic diffusers, wood sound diffusers, audio diffusers, or sound diffuser panels. When a sound wave strikes a flat, even surface it bounces off that surface at the angle in which it hit. This […] Read More »

  • Distilled Sounds, a local project studio, is using our AlphaSorb® Acoustic Foam Bass Traps along with fabric wrapped acoustical panels and clouds to control sound in their mix space.

    What are Bass Traps?

    Introduction Bass Traps reduce reverberation (echo) and standing low frequency waves in various spaces such as recording studios, listening rooms, or home theaters. In those spaces it is important for the room to not color the sound of a recorded track. Acoustic Bass Traps are made of either foam or fiberglass and can be purchased […] Read More »

  • Vibration Isolation Pad 24" x 24" (Neoprene)

    What is Vibration Isolation?

    Introduction Vibration Isolation decouples a vibrating machine from the structure it is mounted to or sitting on. Think of an air compressor on concrete—if we put rubber mounts under it, we would isolate the machine from the floor. This reduces the noise emitted by the physical action of the machine vibrating against the floor. Vibration […] Read More »

  • ClearSonic IsoPac A (Drums not included)

    What are Drum Shields?

    Introduction Whether you’re a drummer performing for a church, a vocalist or podcaster recording in your home studio, or just practicing your instrument at home, a soundproof booth and enclosure can help you (and your neighbors!) keep the sound isolated and contained. The sound isolation provided by ClearSonic booths and enclosures can offer some of […] Read More »

  • PrivacyShield® Desktop Partition Charcoal/Slate

    PrivacyShield Press Release — Desktop Partition

    Acoustical Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our new product, the PrivacyShield® Desktop Partition. The PrivacyShield® Desktop Partition is a portable screen designed to create a small office space on any flat surface. It works great in an open office, kitchen table, or conference room environment to provide privacy and sound absorption in […] Read More »

  • AlphaSorb® Series 200 Polyester Panels

    Series 200 Press Release — Panels

    Acoustical Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our new product line, the AlphaSorb® Series 200 Polyester Acoustic Panels. Solve your noise problem while transforming your space with these decorative acoustic panels that come in five shapes and five colors to allow you to personalize your design. These felt / polyester panels are quick […] Read More »

  • AlphaSorb Series 300 Round Polyester Acoustic Cloud

    What are Acoustic Ceiling Clouds?

    Introduction Acoustic Ceiling Clouds are sound absorbing materials that are suspended from a ceiling and reduce unwanted echo and reverberation in a room. What are Acoustic Ceiling Clouds? Acoustic Ceiling Clouds are suspended from a ceiling or other structure. They can be made from fabric wrapped panels, foam, perforated metal, polyester, or other materials. Hanging […] Read More »