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The Sound Advice Blog

Many people find the world of acoustical treatments to be confusing and overwhelming. Here on the Acoustical Solutions Sound Advice Blog, we will concentrate on presenting solutions to typical acoustical problems and discuss relevant topics on the subject.

The posts here will be related general sound and noise control topics like blocking sound, absorbing sound, or diffusing sound. We will also provide information on how acoustical materials can be used or applied to specific applications.

  • Acoustic Door Seal Kit - 170-1 (not to scale)

    What are Soundproof Doors?

    Introduction Noise transference between spaces can be a tough issue to solve. Even with a beefed-up wall assembly, sound will always take the path of least resistance. Typically, that path is through small openings around doors which can cause up to 50% of the sound to escape. This can be frustrating for anyone seeking privacy […] Read More »

  • AudioSeal® Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier

    What is Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)?

    Introduction Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is used almost everywhere to assist in blocking sound — walls, ceilings, doors, window, machines, interior or exterior, and commercial or residential applications. As you will learn, MLV takes many shapes and forms to easily add mass to sound blocking assemblies and products. What is Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)? In […] Read More »

  • Acoustic Panels - Melamine Foam Panels (MFPs)

    When it comes to pre-manufactured acoustic panels, there are many options. Fabric wrapped, polyester, Expanded Polypropylene (E.P.P), wood fiber, foam, cotton, and metal are all common acoustic panels. Melamine Foam Panels (MFP) are Class A fire rated, extremely versatile, and can be used in more environments than most all other acoustic panels. Stay Away from the […] Read More »

  • acoustic sound absorbing panel image 01

    What are Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels?

    Introduction We have all experienced being in a space that’s so noisy, it’s nearly impossible to hold a conversation. Acoustic sound absorbing panels, (typically referred to as acoustic panels,) are used for sound reduction and reverberation control. They help improve speech clarity, allowing everyone in the space to communicate more effectively. They are a great […] Read More »

  • Privacy Shield Logo

    Office Soundproofing for the Covid-19 Era

    Introduction I recently read an article about Office Soundproofing for the Covid-19 Era entitled The Acoustic Challenge of the Post COVID 19 Office. It provides some interesting insights into how offices workers will do their jobs differently post -COVID compared to pre-COVID and the implications regarding acoustic treatments needed. Additionally, it describes some innovative acoustical treatment material […] Read More »

  • versipanel image

    What are Virtual Learning Spaces?

    Introduction Many of us are changing our home spaces in to work, fitness and even virtual learning spaces for home schooling.  In today’s world, the need for isolation in a limited space is in high demand, especially when everyone in the family needs it simultaneously.  This doesn’t need to be overly complex.  With the right […] Read More »

  • soundproofing_a_room

    Soundproofing a Room

    Introduction There are many reasons why soundproofing a room may be necessary. In today’s progressively busier (and noisier) world, we all need a little peace and quiet, especially in our own home. It can help reduce the sound of traffic, loud neighbors, honking horns, and other outdoor noises. It does not have to be overly […] Read More »

  • church_sanctuary

    Acoustic Panels for a Place of Worship

    Introduction Finding the right acoustic panels for a place of worship is a common problem. Clarity of sound is paramount here, and these buildings are always in desperate need of it, but the look and feel of the space is just as important. High ceilings, open layouts, and many large, exposed windows and walls are […] Read More »