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Iso-Step® Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls

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Product Description

Our Iso-Step® Rubber Gym Flooring products are the perfect solution for gym renovations and new construction projects that require shock absorption and vibration sound control. They’re perfect for gyms and workout spaces that are equipped with free weights, bench presses, treadmills, or elliptical machines. Our premium rubber flooring provides superior shock absorption, reducing the risk of injury, while providing superior sound control, helping to reduce noise and create a peaceful environment.

This slip-resistant, durable flooring offers an unbeatable combination of safety, strength, and aesthetic appeal. It’s engineered to withstand wear and tear and is suitable for both home gyms and high-traffic commercial gym settings. It’s also available in eight popular colors to suit any décor.

Installation is straightforward, and the flooring requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking its best. With its unbeatable combination of safety, strength, and style, this slip-resistant flooring is the ideal choice for any fitness setting.

We have several gym flooring types including mats, floor tiles, and rolls, so there’s an option for spaces big and small. Our rubber flooring rolls offer wall-to-wall impact protection, easily covering large areas.

Each roll is 4′ wide and comes in standard lengths of 15′, 25′, and 50′. They can also be ordered in custom lengths from 15′ to 100′ long. This makes them highly versatile and suitable for a variety of different spaces.

All our Iso-Step® Rubber Flooring products are Low VOC and eco-friendly, made from a high-quality 100% recycled rubber. Our gym flooring is made in the USA using recycled American pre- and post-consumer tires. By manufacturing locally, we are providing hardworking Americans with jobs and contributing to the growth of our community.


  • Fast installation
  • Compatible with most floor finishes
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber
  • Can thin-set tile and stone direct to product per ASTM C627
  • Rated extra heavy by the Tile Council of North America
  • Passes VOC Washington State IAQ Test (ASTM D5116)
  • 94% post-consumer recycled content
  • Made in the USA

Technical Information for Iso-Step® Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls

  • Thickness: 1/4″, 8mm, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″
  • Roll Sizes: 4′ x 15′, 4′ x 25′, 4′ x 50′, custom lengths from 15′ to 100′ available
  • Weight: 1/4″ Thickness: 1.6 psf; 3/8″ Thickness: 2.2 psf; 1/2″ Thickness: 3 psf; 3/4″ Thickness: 4 psf
  • Material: 92% resilient recycled rubber
  • Physical Data
    • Tensile Strength: 266 psi (ASTM D412)
    • Density: 65 lbs. / ft3 (ASTM D3576)
    • Tear Resistance: Average Elongation at Break 1.55 (ASTM D413)
    • Hardness: Shore A 65 +/-5 (ASTMD2240)
    • Compression Set: -4.90% (ASTM D395)
    • VOC Emissions: 0.5 mg/m2 or less (ASTM DS116)
    • Flammability: Pass (ASTM D2859)
    • Resistance to Chemicals: Resistant to most acids and chlorine (F-925-02)
    • Coefficient of Friction: > 0.8 (ASTM D1894/5)
    • Tolerance:
      • Width: +3/4″ – 0″ / +19mm – 0mm
      • Length: +1% – 0″
      • Thickness: +/- 0.3 mm / +/- 1/8″
    • Impact Insulation Class: 53 minimum (ASTM E492)
    • Delta IIC: 22 (ASTM E2179)
    • Installation: Refer to installation guides posted in the documents tab.

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