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Scott Richards was fabulous! We had a few hurdles with back-ordered product and quantity changes and he went above-and-beyond to help us place our order.
Thank you.

I purchased 3 of the Alpha Diffusors Contour pattern. I installed them on the ceiling in my music room on the end where I had canned lighting and a heater vent that was causing flutter echo. No more flutter echo after the install. The product was very well packaged, and a quick coat of metallic champagne spray paint made them look really nice. Excellente!

I purchased PrivacyShield® Window Inserts for my residence in Michigan about a year ago. I have been very satisfied with my purchase and the recommendation by their knowledgeable sales staff. My wife was very interested in me finding a solution to reduce the noise levels from the busy traffic outside our home. So, I purchased the soundproof window inserts for my master bedroom to reduce the exterior noise.

My wife and I were so with the level of sound reduction in our bedroom, and also realized there were thermal insulation benefits as well. We decided to take advantage of the thermal performance and purchased inserts for our entire home. We now have made it through an entire summer and winter season. It’s unbelievable how much we are saving on our heating and cooling bill. This has saved us over 45% in the cold months and over 40% in the summer.

The wife is super satisfied and can sleep at night regardless of the level of traffic outside. The part that really makes me happy is saving a ton of money on my utility bills. I added up all my utility savings versus the cost of the PrivacyShield® Window Inserts. It only took about fourteen months for the inserts to pay for themselves with the savings. I cannot thank Acoustical Solutions enough. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to save money on utility bills and enjoy the peace and quiet we all deserve in our homes.

Michael E.

Thank you very much for all your help.
Nicolas –

Excellent product, excellent prices, excellent customer service. I WILL do business with these guys again.

Service was excellent; quick delivery, but mostly impressed by the quality of packaging, which allowed the fragile panels to arrive intact and undamaged.

Easy quick undamaged delivery..
Easy to install… well designed hardware..
Very effective in dampening the sound of my loud piano practicing…
I will probably add 2 more panels since these 2 24"x48" worked so well..
Eugene Dermody

They always do a great job. The acoustical tiles look great and work well.

Got our product out earlier than promised, which really helped us out of a bind with a customer.

Acoustical Solutions has great products and is excellent to work with. They turn around orders quickly, accurately and customer service is top notch.

High quality and cosmetically pleasing

I ordered a couple AlphaSorb® QS Acoustic Panels (Fabric: Guilford of Maine #408 Black). I ordered these more for cosmetic reasons but am extremely happy with the sound absorption that these add to the room. The build quality is stellar and they look absolutely amazing on the wall. I ended up not using the included hardware to hang these, inside I used an indoor double sided hanging tape from Scotch that has worked wonders as these are very light.

I will definitely use again if needed. Hayden was great to work with!

great customer service!

Excellent response to my questions and products are as described. Very satisfied. Sales consultant was very helpful

They were great to work with!

Acoustical Solutions was a pleasure to work with. Requested samples sent in a timely manner. Order process was outstanding as was the acoustical fabric received. Acoustical Solutions hold its customers in high regard and make them feel valued.

Great price…easy to install.

Quick service on the parts I needed for a project. Website is easy to order from.

Great product with super fast turnaround! Ordering more soon!

Delivery fees are too high. Competing sites offer free delivery.

Thank you for your feedback. Though these products are lightweight, UPS charges us based on dimensional weight, not actual weight. Larger, high dimensional weight items, like your foam, can be quite expensive to ship. For that reason, we are unable to offer free shipping on this product.