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Wow, Acoustical Solutions, Sonex Foam Panels is a must have for sound levels in a Audio room on the highest order once in stall you will here a difference, it’s Magical

Great product and very fast delivery. It looks really nice and is going to make a difference in our busy crowded lobby.

Excellent product and customer service!

I received what I ordered in the time it was expected. Great service

Items arrived on time and in great shape – and were exactly what we needed.

Perfect Acoustical Solution

Fast delivery than expect.

Very Professional, good product, delivery on time

Great service and dependable!

The acustic barrier panels I used in my master bedroom and bathroom worked great.

Great customer service, excellent delivery.
Have not installed yet, but will keep you updated.
Thank you!

Customer service was extremely helpful in handling our large order. We were also keep up to date on the progress of the order and shipping times.

Excellent product and wonderful customer service. They went above and beyond to work with us and get the product here in a timely manner. Would definitely use them again…no question.

The reps were great. The problem is that I spent over $800 and it didnt work, not at all. The noise is just as loud. I bought soundproofing inserts to install above the ceiling tiles. I'm super disappointed because not only did it not work, it seems the noise is just more concentrated in one area. They want me to buy more products, as the problem, they say, may be something more. But there is no ability to return if it doesnt work.

Any product that you cannot return is questionable in my opinion. Make sure to really know what the problem is otherwise you will be out alot of money like me. And for a small business, that really sucks.

Hi Jumana,

As we discussed several times at length, soundproofing your office requires an understanding of where you have noise leaks. I gave you several methods that would allow you to determine where noise is leaking in/out of your space using a stethoscope (with and without the diaphragm) to check for structure borne vs. airborne intrusions.

We discussed your having a crack by your exterior window and caulking this closed to prevent sound leaking to the other side, as well as your ceiling. Since your ceiling has tiles in a suspended grid and shares an open plenum space with the area next door, you need mass to block the sound coming over the wall through this space which is what the Privacy Shield products provide.

I recommended that you try the drop tiles first as they are less expensive, to give you the most coverage and then to add the more expensive light hood and open plenum return silencer (both with the 1lb septum) to really seal up sound from above if the problems persist.

When you asked about returning the light and plenum return silencers, I told you that they are not returnable because they are shipped in pieces and once assembled they cannot be resold as new as they are taped together during assembly.

This product is tried and true and works very well if the ceiling is the culprit. As I stated when you first called, finding the source of your noise is essential in fixing it, otherwise it’s hit and miss. Knowing where to treat will both make your solution more effective and reduce cost.

Great product. Deliver on time.

I am very happy of the final result. Very good product.

Denis Delisle

My purchase experience was great. I was impressed from beginning to end. I first contacted them for a product recommendations, then for samples, then to place my order. Each contact was initiated either online or via email and I received almost an immediate response every time. The panel we choose look great and have helped with the noise.

Acoustical Solution has swift response time. Am always impressed with the turn around time. Its excellent

Great experience!!!

I drove to Richmond and picked up my order. My service was excellent. I got all of my questions answered and they showed me products that were installed and in use at there office. I highly recommend them for your soundproofing needs.