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*** would recommend Acoustical Solutions to anyone wishing to update their speakers.

I ordered Iso-Step Underlayment online, it was very easy to select the product I needed and to place the order. Shipment to Hawaii was very fast which is unusual because most mainland orders take a month or more to arrive.
Acoustical Solutions has a wide variety of products so it's our one stop shop now for anything related to acoustics.

Our first order with Acoustical Solutions. The entire process from ordering to delivery was excellent. This product was sold as a 2 day ship product and came to us right on time. Thank you Acoustical Solutions.

*** was excellent!!!
I had a relatively small order, $***, yet his service, polite callbacks, and helpfulness was outstanding.


Is a great material to work with is Easy to put it on the walls but you need 3 guys to put on.

Material was just what we wanted, and it arrived by the end of the week without having to pay for expedited shipping.

Fantastic experience all around, from the design of the space to the selection, ordering, and delivery of the materials!

You guys have been great, my criticisms are for your suppliers, not you – Thanks to ***, I'm very happy with your business.

Great service and product, thanks so much!


Bought some grille speaker cloth, it was shipped quickly and was as expected quality.

Over all the company performs well *** your sales person has done a good job by us my only issue is the turn around time could be improved on.

I'm sure that A.S. hears this A LOT, but – seriously, that mass loaded vinyl was an absolute pain in the keester to install. It's heavy, flimsy, wobbly, and annoying. The video does mention it's heavy, but makes the process look so easy. It's especially embarrassing when there are other contractors on site watching me and my guy struggle to hold it in place, then it drops or tears. Granted, this was my first install. And lastly, I was not pleased with the shipping company. Their tracking showed it arriving Monday the 4th. When it didn't show, I called and was told Wednesday the 5th. Finally got it at 3PM. I needed my stuff installed before the drywallers and ended up having to work 23 HOURS STRAIGHT to get it done in time.

Well made products.

*** received a quick and timely response to my question about a bottom door sweep.

The mounts worked amazingly, the vibration are 90% gone

Very pleasant and knowledgeable. Qiuk turn around and delivery.

Service was fast, product is perfect and very effective, and shipped quickly.

fast, helpful, good but expensive!

The product (speaker grille cloth) was a quality product and installed with ease and good appearance.