Finding the right acoustical solution for a space isn’t just an acoustic matter, but an aesthetic one as well. Customers frequently call to ask me about what they need to better control the sound in their space, and once we cover that, their next question is, “What is it going to look like?” As an expert in acoustic treatments, I know acoustics, but understanding aesthetics is almost as important when finding the right product for a client.

Interior design is a top priority, whether in a residential space or a commercial location. When building a home theater or home studio, or even just controlling sound better in living quarters, clients don’t want the acoustic treatment to detract from the interior design aesthetic. Solving acoustic problems while creating aesthetic problems isn’t a great solution! Especially when commercial spaces are concerned, interior design is even more paramount, as it often is an integral part of the desired atmosphere and/or brand.

For many applications, acoustic fabric is a fantastic aesthetic option and one I often recommend. This type of fabric is acoustically transparent and is made to wrap acoustic panels in order to provide designers and homeowners a large array of colors and textures to utilize within their design scheme. Even so, design knows no bounds, and my customers wanted to see even more aesthetic options to outfit sound absorbing panels. In this article, I’ll discuss one option, acoustic slat wood wall and ceiling panels, an offering we see that adds significant design advantages to modern, biophilic design.

A Quick Look at the Biophilic Design Trend

“Biophilic” is a modern design trend that hearkens to our primal need and/or desire to be associated with nature. “Biophilia” means relating to, showing, or being the human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature. It’s why we take trips into nature to see the woods and streams, mountains and oceans, wildlife, and plantlife. It is where we come from and literally what we are, after all, so the desire to be a part of that world in more than just occasional trips has found its rightful place within design.

Whether restaurants, offices, civic spaces, or residential homes, adding touches of nature not only checks a visual box, but it has also been shown to boost positive emotions and efficiency. The return to nature in design blends with sustainability goals to make more sustainable spaces as well as contribute overall to a better world.

Heard loud and clear, we’ve created an acoustical solution that takes this biophilic concept and pairs it with outstanding acoustical function to bring any space an auditory and visual experience in line with this modern trend.

The AlphaSorb® Designer Acoustic Slatted Wood Panels

AlphaSorb Designer Acoustic Wood Slat Panels in Dark Oak in an Office Lobby

AlphaSorb Designer Acoustic Wood Slat Panels in Dark Oak in an Office Lobby

To create an exceptional offering to our customers seeking biophilic design while also looking to improve the acoustics in their project, we’ve created the AlphaSorb® Designer Acoustic Slatted Wood Panel. By adding wood slats to a PET felt backing, the panels provide noise-reduction strength while also offering a wonderful wood aesthetic, perfect for those looking to add a bit of nature into a project. Popular among architects and designers, slatted wood acoustic panels can be used to craft a featured wall, enhance ceilings, or completely transform a space, which is the perfect foundation for biophilic design while properly controlling reverberation and echo.

Maximizing Aesthetics, Sound Control, and Sustainability

Part of biophilic design is to avoid the irony of creating nature-inspired design pieces via unnatural processes and materials. We took this into consideration and created AlphaSorb® Designer Acoustic Slatted Wood Panels in an environmentally responsible way. The wood slats are sourced from sustainable forestry suppliers and the acoustic felt backing is 100%-PET plastic made from recycled plastic bottles. The panels are eligible for LEED MRc4 credits, and they check all of the boxes for a product aimed at acoustically treating a space while at the same time, providing a biophilic aesthetic and staying committed to sustainable initiatives.

Applications for AlphaSorb® Designer Acoustic Slatted Wood Panels

Our slatted wood panels are a great choice whether for residential interior design or professional designers looking to enhance their commercial spaces acoustically while adding to the design architecture. Let’s take a look at some examples of the panels in action:


AlphaSorb Designer Acoustic Wood Slat Panels in Light Oak in a Conference Room

AlphaSorb Designer Acoustic Wood Slat Panels in Light Oak in a Conference Room

Acoustic treatment in busy offices is a must. Efficiency is always a prime directive of any business, and making sure acoustics don’t have a negative impact is important. Equally so, modern offices now understand the importance of design elements and how this breeds positive behaviors, and thus efficiency. Utilizing AlphaSorb® Designer Acoustic Slatted Wood Panels on office walls and/or entire ceilings offers proper acoustic treatment while adding to modern design trends.


AlphaSorb Designer Acoustic Wood Slat Panels in Light Oak in a Restaurant

AlphaSorb Designer Acoustic Wood Slat Panels in Light Oak in a Restaurant

The priority of a great restaurant is no doubt the culinary offerings. That said, the atmosphere of a restaurant – where food is eaten and enjoyed with others – can be the difference between good food and a great experience. To achieve this, acoustics and interior design must be maximized to provide the kind of environment where patrons want to go to relax and enjoy themselves. This is another great opportunity to employ AlphaSorb® Designer Acoustic Slatted Wood Panels, especially considering the intimate feel of wood in a design that pairs perfectly with the restaurant environment.


AlphaSorb Designer Acoustic Wood Slat Panels in Walnut in a Spa

AlphaSorb Designer Acoustic Wood Slat Panels in Walnut in a Spa

When at the spa, visual aesthetics and acoustics are everything. This is truly a space where atmosphere is absolutely critical to crafting an outstanding product. Spa owners know the power of nature and biophilic design when it comes to creating a soothing environment for their patrons, which provides another excellent opportunity to employ AlphaSorb® Designer Acoustic Slatted Wood Panels.

Discover the Best in Nature-Focused Acoustic Panels with Acoustical Solutions

We are very happy to provide our customers with a truly sustainable acoustic panel option that offers designers everything they need to meet acoustic and biophilic design goals.

Contact us today to find out more about our AlphaSorb® Designer Acoustic Slatted Wood panels and our other offerings to meet all of your acoustic needs!

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