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    Enclosures can Amplify Escaping Noise

    Recently, an Acoustical Solutions customer asked the following about acoustical enclosures: “What do you recommend to reduce the noise from my neighbor’s swimming pool equipment? The equipment is up against the exterior stucco wall of his home and is also enclosed be a 3-sided concrete block walls with a wooden door. There is no top […] Read More »

  • The Float Horizen float therapy center installed moisture, bacteria & fungi resistant Polysorpt® panels in their salt therapy room for a quiet, enjoyable spa experience.

    What do Acoustical Wall Panels do?

    Acoustical wall panels are probably the most common acoustical treatment. But what do acoustical wall panels do? They don’t soundproof anything, as may intuitively come to mind, but improve the quality of sound inside the room they are installed. How do they do this? The answer is sound absorption. Watch our short video for a […] Read More »

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    Acoustical Solutions on NBC Show "School Pride"

    We're very excited this week to be a part of NBC's new series "School Pride." The episode for which we donated and sold avocal booth and acoustic baffleswill air Friday, November 5. "School Pride" tells the stories of communities coming together to renovate their aging and broken public school, which is whyAcoustical Solutions is extremely excited to have contributed. Read More »