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Acoustical Solutions

  • PrivacyShield® Speech Privacy Without the Noise!

    PrivacyShield® Soundproofing for Speech Privacy

    Introduction PrivacyShield® soundproofing for speech privacy uses materials specifically designed to use in existing suspended ceiling grids along with a window seal kit. The PrivacyShield® series of products puts a sound barrier in place between you and the noise source, eliminating the need for sound masking. This allows you to carry out your conversations without […] Read More »

  • Sonex® Classic Acoustic Foam

    Sonex® Acoustic Foams

    The Industry Standard Sonex® Acoustic Foams are the industry standard for noise reducing foam. Beginning 40 years ago, it was the first to provide foam to the recording and broadcast industries. Also, the first to provide a real Class 1 fire rated fiber-free acoustical foam. Put a torch to Sonex® fire-rated foam and put a […] Read More »

  • Soundproofing a Garage - Four 30' Rolls of barrier ready to install.

    Mass Loaded Vinyl

    What Does Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Do? Mass loaded vinyl (MLV) helps create sound blocking assemblies to reduce airborne sound transmission for new or retrofit applications. These barriers are as heavy as lead but use no lead fillers. Dense, yet flexible, mass loaded vinyl improves sound transmission loss (STC) without losing valuable space. Use this […] Read More »

  • Grand Horizons Community Center Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds

    Soundproofing a Multipurpose Room

    When soundproofing a multipurpose room, the ultimate goal is to provide a space with premium quality acoustics for all occasions. As the name implies, a multipurpose room can host a variety of events. It could be gatherings sized for sporting events or just for donuts and coffee with colleagues. The success of the event may […] Read More »

  • Eagle Gun Range used Polysorpt® Acoustic Panels for their indoor gun range.

    Soundproofing a Gun Range

    The biggest clue that soundproofing a gun range is important is the fact that patrons must wear ear protection! The sound of gunshots can cause hearing damage due to the high decibel levels produced in these facilities. Also, even in an environment where you expect to hear gun fire, the loud sound can be startling. […] Read More »

  • The VersiPanel Partition Wall allows you to create an acoustic dividing wall for use in offices, music production, classrooms or in any application to increase privacy.

    Freestanding Acoustic Partitions & Room Dividers

    We carry a range of freestanding acoustic partitions and room dividers for sound control in a variety of applications and environments. Lightweight and easy to handle, our Versi-Series dividers are perfect for separating spaces in offices, schools, churches, daycares and more. The ClearSonic enclosures offer sound control tailored for music production, recording studios, rehearsal spaces […] Read More »

  • The AlphaEnviro® PVC baffles and panels provide a colorful and effective way to improve the room acoustics in this cafeteria at Mechanicsville Elementary School.

    How to Soundproof a Cafeteria

    Soundproofing a cafeteria converts what is often a loud utility space into a quiet, comfortable multi-functional space for students, faculty and parents. The main function of a cafeteria is to provide food service to groups of hungry kids. However, many school cafeterias also have assemblies, performances and other activities taking place. These other activities require […] Read More »

  • Bands of PolyPhon™ Polyester Acoustic Panels used around the room to reduce improve the room acoustics in the Benedictine Auditorium in Richmond, VA.

    Soundproofing an Auditorium

    Soundproofing an Auditorium is a key component to a properly functioning event space for entertainment, community gatherings, presentations and performing arts. Constructed to house large numbers of people, proper acoustics are critical to an auditorium’s function. Without acoustical treatment, the audiences with have a poor experience. Prior to the advent of amplified equipment, auditorium design […] Read More »