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Ryan Colton

  • Soundproofing a Door with Door Seals

    We get calls and emails all the time regarding how to block sound through walls, ceilings, floors, and windows, yet it surprises me how often doors tend to get overlooked. You can add all the layers of mass-loaded vinyl and gypsum to your wall that you want to, but if you have even a 1% […]

  • Soundproofing a Band Rehearsal Space

    I am a guitar player and have played in various bands steadily now for over twenty years. From garages, sheds, basements, studios, and even dedicated music rooms, I’ve rehearsed in all the usual places that bands tend to use for their practice spaces. I’ve always gravitated towards bands that play more of the harder varieties of rock […]

  • Soundproofing a Church Sanctuary

    Soundproofing a Church Sanctuary

    The contemporary worship service space has provided new challenges to the design community; from the architect’s original design, all the way to the sound mixer’s ability to present a clear and meaningful sound to the congregation. Today’s sanctuaries have higher attendance volume and a larger variety of services from the traditional to the contemporary. The spoken […]

  • Suspended Ceiling Treatments

    Office Acoustics 101: Suspended Ceiling Treatments

    Welcome to another edition of Office Acoustics 101.  Last time we talked about Taming Office Noise in an open office environment. Today we’ll tackle the subject of drop tile ceilings and how they relate to several office related noise problems.  While this article is geared towards office applications, please note that many of these principles […]

  • Office Acoustics 101: Taming Office Noise

    Open office layouts seem to be all the rage these days.  Many companies (especially those in the tech industry) seem to be drawn into the look of re-purposing old warehouses, factory areas, and other large format commercial building designs into large, expansive office environments.  And why not, after all, they usually look great and bridge the […]

  • AcoustiArt Printed Acoustical Panels for a Home Office

    AcoustiArt Printed Acoustical Panels for a Home Office

    Our Architectural Rep Ryan Colton recently helped a customer create this collage of AcoustiArt Acoustic Panel for his home office. The panels lower sound intensity in the space and look great. What do you think? Leave your comments below!

  • All About Acoustic Door Seals

    The 1% Rule: A 1% opening will allow up to 50% of sound to pass through a wall, door, sound barrier, etc.

    This rule comes into play most often when it comes to doors. Whether a regular door or a soundproof door, small openings almost always exist at the bottom, top and sides.

    It is because of the 1% Rule that these openings around doors effectively cancel out any acoustic functionality.

    For example, a 1/8″ opening around all four sides of an acoustic door(STC rating of 56) can significantly reduce the door’s STC rating (to as low as 21), which means the door is close to useless acoustically.