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  • Acoustic Panels - Melamine Foam Panels (MFPs)

    When it comes to pre-manufactured acoustic panels, there are many options. Fabric wrapped, polyester, Expanded Polypropylene (E.P.P), wood fiber, foam, cotton, and metal are all common acoustic panels. Melamine Foam Panels (MFP) are Class A fire rated, extremely versatile, and can be used in more environments than most all other acoustic panels. Stay Away from the […] Read More »

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  • Acoustical Solutions

    Window Soundproofing - Snyder Residence

    The Issue: The Snyder family contacted Acoustical Solutions looking for options to window soundproof their home. This was due to noise from their neighbors who liked to watch TV at high volume. Not being able to be comfortable in their own home drove the Snyders to search for a solution. We provided our PrivacyShield Window […] Read More »

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  • acoustic panels uneebo

    Acoustic Panels - Uneebo

    Company: Uneebo www.uneebo.com Executive Summary: Acoustic Solutions utilized acoustic panels to reduce echo and overall noise levels.  About the Client: Uneebo deals with many complex office design clients’ needs and office soundproofing is one of the key ones. Many of their clients are startups and fast-growing businesses based in busy metropolitan cities like New York, […] Read More »

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  • PolySorpt® Acoustic Ceiling Tile

    Acoustic Panels: P. E. P. P. Panels

    Introduction When it comes to pre-manufactured acoustic panels, there are many options. Fabric wrapped, polyester, P.E.P.P, wood fiber, foam, cotton, and metal are all common acoustic panel types. P.E.P.P. is an industry abbreviation for Porous Expanded Polypropylene Panels are Class A fire rated, can be used indoors and have sound blocking and sound absorption qualities. What are P.E.P.P. Acoustic Panels? P.E.P.P acoustic panels are made from porous expanded polypropylene. Expanded polypropylene is […] Read More »

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