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    Acoustical Foam for Office Ceilings

    Acoustical foam can be direct mounted to a ceiling to improve office acoustics. Today’s dynamic office environments pose new challenges in the realm of acoustics. To maintain a collaborative work environment, many new office spaces tend to be planned as open spaces, without boundaries to separate colleagues. This does help improve teamwork, but if the […]

  • Thanksgiving Playlists: Because it's Not Christmas Yet

    Almost everyone loves Christmas – except for when it creeps up earlier and earlier each year and attempts to steal the limelight from Thanksgiving. Fight back with this Thanksgiving playlist first compiled by NPR in 2011. It’s no longer available on their website, but luckily we found this YouTube playlist compiled from the same tunes. […]

  • Back to School: Sound Experiments for Kids

    Four Fun Sound Experiments for Kids Labor day weekend is here, which means beach trips, barbecues, and back to school. Here are some fun sound experiments parents and teachers can use to get their youngster’s brains working hard again- and they’re also a lot of fun! 1. How it’s Made A great activity for preschool-aged […]

  • New York City Noisier Than Ever?

    The New York Times published an article this month titled: “Many Pleas for Quiet, but City Still Thunders” It’s a great read, and really covers the history of noise in the loudest city in the world – and what NYC has done to try to control the noise over the years. You can read the […]

  • Acoustical Treatment Brings Tidings of Comfort and Joy

    Acoustical treatment is commonly associated with environments meant specifically for listening to or recording music, but the value of proper acoustical consideration in public and private spaces of all types can be underrated. During the past few decades, architectural acoustics has gained popularity in places such as schools, restaurants, offices, retail stores, healthcare facilities, and […]

  • Does Your Home Sound Like a Haunted House?

    Squeaks, creaks, and screeches abound during this festive Halloween season. Although seemingly appropriate, the pounding footfall from your upstairs neighbors or whirling of voices streaming through the open air returns in your house or apartment may be causing quite a stir for you and your family. Noise transmission is frequently a problem in large buildings […]

  • Top 5 Acoustical Products for Audio Professionals at AES Convention

    This weekend audio professionals from all over the world will attend the 133rd Audio Engineering Society Convention in San Francisco. This is a great opportunity to experience the latest technology and advancement in the soundproofing and acoustics industry, and Acoustical Solutions, Inc. will be there to do just that! Stop by our booth (# 704) […]

  • FAQ: Will Acoustical Wall Panels Ruin the Look of My Facility?

    Acoustical wall panels are the most common way to lower noise and increase intelligibility in facilities, but do they look good? The answer is a mixed bag. Acoustical wall panels are usually the result of a retrofit – no architect intentionally designs a facility to have bad acoustics –  usually it just wasn’t taken into […]

  • Full Coverage Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Baffles and Clouds

    Acoustic baffles and clouds are like acoustic wall panels, except they don’t go on the wall. Baffles are suspended vertically from the ceiling and clouds are suspended horizontally.   Having acoustical treatment above the noise source is important because sound waves are not only reflected from side to side between walls, but off the ceiling […]

  • This Earth Day, Don't Forget Noise Pollution

    What is Noise Pollution? The traditional definition of noise is “unwanted or disturbing sound”. Sound becomes unwanted when it either interferes with normal activities such as sleeping, conversation, or disrupts or diminishes one’s quality of life. Noise induced stress can cause headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and irritability. Noise is the number one cause of neighborhood dissatisfaction, […]