I can help. My name is Chad Glenn and I am an Acoustical Sales Application Engineer, which is different than an Acoustical Engineer. Acoustical Engineers are very highly trained individuals with advanced degrees in the Science of Acoustics. These folks are typically going deep. Do you happen to have a Jet Engine Testing facility right next door to a Daycare center with sleeping children? You might just need an Acoustical Engineer. Do you have a Train Yard about 100 yards away from a site you are planning a major Condominium for? You might just need an Acoustical Engineer to look at civil plans, topographical maps, produce heat maps of sound concentrations and reflection points of adjacent buildings, extensive field testing at different times of the year with different temperatures and humidity levels, etc.

Acoustical Sales Application Engineers on the other hand, are professionals with a broad level of experience and a high degree of technical expertise. Acoustical Sales Application Engineers help their clients combine state-of-the-art acoustical materials and installation best practices to achieve their acoustical objectives. Do you have a beautiful conference room that took months for the Interior Designers to get approved though the CEO? Only problem is now when you try to do Teleconferencing with that very same CEO, no one can understand each other through the top of the line AV equipment you just bought? That happens a lot, and that’s where I come in.

Gymnasiums with loud children and PA systems no one can understand, Open Office Designs that while collaborative can be overly collaborative when folks are trying to have a private phone conversations, House of Worship facilities where no one can understand the message spoken, hallways conducting too much sound, sound going through ceiling tiles, doors not stopping enough sound, large atrium waiting rooms with HIPAA concerns, the list goes on and on.  What I am providing is a turn-key solution to confidently and accurately fix the problem, provide materials to do so that ALSO meet the aesthetic concerns of the space, and providing installation from our own highly professional and experienced installers.

And to top it all off, I travel! For the cost of time out of the office and travel expenses, you can have an Acoustical Expert come to your location and provide a Turn-Key solution. It’s a no muss – no fuss way to get to the right solution for major sound concerns that do not rise to the level of need requiring a Professional Acoustical Engineer and a Scientific Report detailing our every detail of the application.

If this sounds like where you are at and what you need, the path forward is to give us a quick call and speak with one of our sales professionals. Many acoustical issues can be handled right over the phone with a few key points of data that the client can provide.  When it makes sense that we probably do need a person on site gathering the data needed, then we will get a quote together for the visit and set something up. Alternately, you may very well have an issue that can only be treated with the help of an Acoustical Engineer, and we can determine that as well and put you together with that level of folks. The object of the game is to get you the right results, and that is what Acoustical Solutions has been doing since 1989.

—Chad Glenn, Sales Engineer

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