ClearSonic IsoPac F

ClearSonic IsoPac F

Whether you are working in your home studio or a professional recording studio, vocal booths can be very expensive and space consuming. We have an alternative to a traditional vocal booth.

We’re here today to tell you there is a more economical and space friendly option. As an alternative to the traditional vocal booth, the ClearSonic Vocal Booth (IsoPac F) is portable booth. The ClearSonic Vocal Booth creates professional quality voice-over and vocal tracks but costs a fraction of what larger standalone booths do. It can accommodate 1-3 people or also be purposed as a drum isolation booth or for other instruments. When not in use, take down the vocal booth and store it or use it in an alternative location.

Product Features:

  • Easy assembly
  • Sound reduction of 50-70%
  • Maintain line of sight
  • Portable

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