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  • Saudi Arabia

American International School of Jeddah


Specialized Materials of Saudi Arabia contacted Acoustical Solutions for materials that meet their spec for a job at the American International School of Jeddah – New Campus. This consisted of the Choir Room and Band Room. Both rooms were constructed of hard reflective materials. The rooms were in-need of some sound absorbing products.

Application Introduction:

The designer provided a spec for this job that required a flat 2-inch thick and pyramid 2-inch thick melamine acoustical foam in two natural unpainted colors. The foam needed to be paintable, easy to cut and have a Class A Fire rating per ASTM E 84. The customer was also looking for a material that had a minimum NRC rating of 0.70. The products were being installed on sheetrock and needed to be mounted with construction adhesive.

Treatment Provided:

Acoustical Solutions suggested using the AlphaSorb® Pyramid Foam and AlphaSorb® Flat Foam. Both products meet the requirements Specialized Materials and the American International School of Jeddah needed. The AlphaSorb® Pyramid Foam has an NRC rating of 0.70 and the AlphaSorb® Flat Foam has an NRC rating of 0.90 to 1.00 making them the perfect fit. The customer made a template for the half circles and cut 168 sheets of the 2’x4’x2” thick AlphaSorb® Flat Foam. Some natural white and natural grey sheets were used. Others were painted blue and dark grey by the contractor. (1,974) 2’x2’x2” thick sheets of the AlphaSorb® Pyramid Foam were also installed in the color of natural grey.


This installation of AlphaSorb® Flat Foam and AlphaSorb® Pyramid Foam provided a unique, designer finish. It also provided the sound absorption needed in both the Choir Room and Band Room. The customer and contractor were very happy with the products Acoustical Solutions provided.