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Basehor United Methodist Church

The Issue

The multipurpose hall at Basehor United Methodist Church grapples with a significant acoustic challenge, primarily stemming from intelligibility issues. The expansive space, while architecturally impressive, is adorned with hard surfaces that inadvertently amplify sound reflections, resulting in undesirable reverberation. This acoustic concern poses a potential obstacle to clear communication and optimal auditory experiences within the hall. Addressing these challenges is crucial to enhancing the overall acoustics and ensuring a more conducive environment for various events and gatherings.

About the Client

The Basehor United Methodist Church was founded in 1877 with services being given in German. Three locations have claimed the church as home with the most recent opening in 2003.

The Solution

After consulting with multiple acoustic companies, Dianne and the trustee team at Basehor United Methodist Church discovered that our AlphaSorb Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Clouds perfectly aligned with their requirements and aesthetic vision for the multipurpose hall. The decision was reached to address the intelligibility issues by targeting a 2-second reverberation time. This goal is set to be achieved through the strategic installation of 26 acoustic clouds, each measuring 4’x8′ and boasting a thickness of 2 inches. This proactive approach not only promises to enhance the overall acoustics of the space but also reflects the commitment of Basehor United Methodist Church to creating an optimal environment for various events and activities.


AlphaSorb Fabric Wrapped Panels in White FR701 dramatically reduced noise and reverberation in the Basehor United Methodist Church Meeting Hall

AlphaSorb Fabric Wrapped Panels in White FR701 dramatically reduced noise and reverberation in the Basehor United Methodist Church Meeting Hall

In the Customer’s Own Words

“The Fellowship Hall at our church had very loud echos that caused difficulties having even simple conversations when a large group was gathered. Add in joyful children playing, and forget trying to talk! We spoke with several companies for noise reduction panels, and I kept coming back to Acoustical Solutions, specifically Isaac, our salesperson. He took the time to really answer my questions, and once we had ordered, he spent an equal time with Roger, the man who lead the installation part of our project. Roger built a template which we used to both drill holes in the ceiling, and place the hooks in the panels. We used lighting chain to hook the panels to the eye bolts in the ceiling. This kept each connection the same size and we didn’t have to worry about each wire being the same length and tied exactly the same way. I have had 3 reports of how well the panels work. First was our women’s group of over 25 ladies. Their comment was “it’s so quiet in here”. Another person had their child’s birthday party in the hall, and even with loud games and active children, the noise was minimal. Lastly, we had our Christmas party and show last night. With over 200 people in the hall, you could still easily hold conversations, hearing others without any issue. We are SO happy with this product, and highly recommend it to anyone experiencing noise or echo issues.”

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