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Lowering Reverb in a Residence

The Issue

Steve Hayes contacted Acoustical Solutions to assist with lowering the reverberation in his kitchen, living, and dining room. The hard surfaces throughout the space resulted in an extremely “live” acoustic environment which made even day to day living uncomfortable for Mr. Hayes and his wife.

AlphaSorb FR701 Acoustic Panels quieted this noisy residential space

AlphaSorb FR701 Acoustic Panels quieted this noisy residential space

About the Client

Steve Hayes is a residential homeowner who was have difficulty enjoying the comfort of his kitchen, living, and dining room due to the persistent noise resulting from the spaces being entirely hard surfaces.

The Challenge

Mr. Hayes and his wife were finding it difficult to chat, watch TV, or entertain comfortably as they were constantly needed to increase the volume at which they do these activities in order to overcome the reverberation still lingering in the room. After discussion, we understood that, because this was a residential application, our solution would need to blend in with the architecture of the space while still providing the appropriate amount of treatment.

The Solution

Because of the current architecture of the space, we worked closely with Mr. Hayes to identify locations where we would be able to fit panels that would add an element of depth to the space.

Based on this, we decided on 2” Alphasorb® FR701 Acoustic Panels for the walls and ceilings of each room. We went with a stark white panel to match the existing ceiling and wall color. This added to the overall aesthetics of the room and resulted in a very unique, yet modern, looking space.

AlphaSorb FR701 Acoustic Panels quieted this noisy residential space

AlphaSorb FR701® Acoustic Panels quieted this noisy residential space

The Result

The addition of the treatment took the space from nearly unusable to a space Mr. Hayes and his wife can enjoy. The tinny ringing was completely eliminated making it much more comfortable for anyone in their home.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“My wife and I are very pleased with the look and especially the results! They reduce the echo to imperceptible and make the room livable. Improvements were also made to the kitchen, dining room, and office, which resulted in significant reduction or elimination of the tinny ringing echo. Thank you again for your efforts. You have made it possible for me to enjoy living in my home!”

— Steve Hayes

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