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Miracle Faith Center

The Issue

The Miracle Faith Center church was experiencing too much reverberation in their lobby and the fellowship hall. For their lobby, I worked with Blues Angel to design a unique panel collection. We also used a standard design for the fellowship hall to conquer unwanted reverberation. This approach created a quieter, more comfortable space for the lobby as well as the fellowship hall, where many gather each week.

The Challenge

Blues Angel is a premier installer for acoustical needs in the Pensacola area. For this project, Steve and I determined there was a significant amount of reverberation within the lobby and the fellowship hall. The lobby has many reflective surfaces, including glass doors and a slightly vaulted tray ceiling in the middle of the room. The fellowship hall has high vaulted ceilings with tile floors. As you might imagine, the fellowship hall is a large meeting space, which allows for frequencies to travel. As folks would enter the facility, it was obvious that the unwanted noise created an unappealing space to be in.

The Solution

We worked with our team to create custom panels to fit directly in the tray. These panels not only fit the aesthetic of the room but also provided enough absorption to dampen the reflections in the space. This dampening made it much more comfortable when patrons would enter the area. Our goal for the fellowship hall was to achieve 2 second reverberation time. This would allow for the room to remain lively, but still comfortable enough to have large groups. To achieve this reverberation time, we used 4′ x 4′ x 2″ panels through the space on the vaulted ceiling and on the walls. We improved the speech intelligibility and created a much nicer space for those attending each week and special events.


A variety of custom sizes were used in the Lobby and 48″ x 48″ panels were used in the fellowship hall.

Miracle Faith Center Lobby

Miracle Faith Center Lobby

The Result

The customized panels in the ceiling of the lobby created a great architectural appearance that really added to the room aesthetically and improved the acoustics in the space. The 4′ x 4′ panels created a comfortable feel in the fellowship hall that allowed the patrons to adequately enjoy the space.

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