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Mt. Vernon Baptist Church

The Issue

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church needed acoustical panels to create a better space for their congregation. Reducing the reverberation in the space provided an improvement in speech intelligibility and a reduction in overall noise.

About the Client

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church is in the west end of the Richmond area and was first established back in 1860. They have numerous events, programming an bible studies that take place all year long.

The Challenge

Prior to purchasing the Alphasorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels, the Sanctuary was very loud and reverberant making communication difficult and frustrating for the members of the church. It was nearly impossible to hold a conversation. The members complained how loud the space was and the echo was terrible.

When the Pastor spoke, his voice bounced around the church, making it difficult for the members to understand what he was saying. They knew something had to be done to make the space comfortable for its members.

The Solutions

To address the sound issues in the Sanctuary our installation team installed 2” thick Alphasorb® Acoustic Fabric Wrapped Panels. The panels worked well at reducing sound reflections, improving speech intelligibility and reducing echo in the space. The panels are now on the walls creating a comfortable environment for their congregation.

Mount Vernon Church

Mt Vernon Church

The Result

The sanctuary has great acoustics thanks to our Alphasorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels. The panels improved the reverberation and helped to reduce the overall noise level in the space. They also improve speech clarity, allowing the congregation to communicate more effectively. The panels gave the space a great look and met their acoustic goals for this project.

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