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Case Study

Noise Reduction

AlphaSorb Flat Foam installed in the roof of the Veranda at Pippin Hill AlphaSorb Fabric-Wrapped Panels installed in the ceiling and walls of the Granary at Pippin Hill

The Issue

Matt Lovelady from Pippin Hill Vineyards contacted Acoustical Solutions to help with a noise issue they were having at their facility. Their aim was to reduce noise and enhance the acoustics of their spaces, especially for guest interactions but also for music sound quality and focus.

About the Client

Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards is a classic winery and culinary vineyard in the hills outside of Charlottesville, VA. It is a place that provides estate wines with exciting cuisine and is used for upscale events providing warm hospitality for an authentic celebration of people and place.

The Challenges

Pippin Hill was looking to treat their Granary and Verandas for reverb/echo so that the guest experience was enhanced. They wanted something that would not compromise the style of the venue and would help get the space to a more enjoyable experience acoustically.

AlphaSorb Fabric-Wrapped Panels installed in the ceiling and walls of the Granary at Pippin Hill AlphaSorb Fabric-Wrapped Panels installed in the ceiling and walls of the Granary at Pippin Hill

The Solution

After speaking with Mark Brock, regarding options, it was decided the Matt Boughan would come out to the site to go over some possible solutions to include materials and installation. For the Granary, we selected a combination of ceiling and wall mounted 2″ Alphasorb® Fabric Wrapped Panels in the FR701-144 Eggshell color. We used beveled edges to add some style to the panels, and Rotofast mounts so that they would work for walls and ceiling. For the Verandas, we used the 2″ Alphasorb® Flat Foam with a custom Sherwin-Williams paint to match the existing ceiling color.

The Result

The overall reverb time in both spaces was lowered considerably which resulted in better speech intelligibility as well as cleaner acoustics for live and recorded music being played.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“We have worked with Acoustical in the past and found their communication, work ethic, and product to be well above the norm. As a luxury property, we cannot put a price on the project flow and outcome that comes with Acoustical Solutions. We will be enclosing our verandas next month so that should show how effective the panels are. In our main event venue, we found speeches were much more focused and easier to hear, as well as sounds we did not want to hear like plates and silvers, to be damped and less traveled. Our Bands and DJs noticed a difference in the sound and found the parts of the music we want to hear to be clearer and less echoey. The consistent communication from Mike on the install dates was fantastic. Taylor for his onsite flexibility and communication. Matt & Mark for their communications and walk-through of the building as well as designs. After 2 installs with Acoustical, I cannot recommend them enough!”

— Matt Lovelady, Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards

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