Hunter Scarpa

Hunter Scarpa


Customer contacted Acoustical Solutions for help with their religious space, they had a reverb time that was over 2-3/4 seconds, which makes it hard for everyone to hear and understand the speaker. We decided that the walls were the culprit and needed AlphaSorb Panels to calm the echo/reverb down. Acoustical Solutions determined that we needed approx. 275 square feet of 2” thick absorptive panels, we worked with the customer to place the panels on the wall, in an aesthetically pleasing pattern, up and out of the way of the chairs.


Application Introduction:

The chapel was dealing with an acoustical reverb problem for many years and decided to do something about it. Tommy contacted Acoustical Solutions for guidance on how to correct this problem. Tommy’s mission was to get the reverb down to levels that most would say there is no echo and fix this problem for good, which is around 1-1/2 seconds.                                                                             



Treatment Provided:

We added 275 Square feet of our AlphaSorb 2” thick acoustical panels in a Guilford of Maine FR701 fabric. Panels were placed as evenly as possible around the room to have a balanced effect.


2” AlphaSorb FR7101 panels



The result after the panels went up, “with ease”, “noise levels are down and you can talk and listen without echo”, Tommy said.