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Kevin McIver

  • Virginia Arts Recording achieved the acoustic environment they desired with a combination of acoustic panels, sound diffusers and acoustic foam.

    How to Use Acoustic Panels to Control Sound in a Recording Studio for Professional Results

    When it comes to acoustic panels, sound control, and studio setups, there is a profound amount of confusion regarding sound and how soundwaves work. Many mistakenly believe that acoustic panels are used to block sound. For example, hanging a few acoustic panels on studio walls is expected by many to block any sound from the […] Read More »

  • Distilled Sounds, a local project studio, is using our AlphaSorb® Acoustic Foam Bass Traps along with fabric wrapped acoustical panels and clouds to control sound in their mix space.

    What are Bass Traps?

    Introduction Bass Traps reduce reverberation (echo) and standing low frequency waves in various spaces such as recording studios, listening rooms, or home theaters. In those spaces, it is important for the room to not color the sound of a recorded track. Acoustic Bass Traps are made from either foam or fiberglass and can be purchased […] Read More »

  • Soundproofing a Garage - Four 30' Rolls of barrier ready to install.

    Mass Loaded Vinyl

    What Does Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Do? Mass loaded vinyl (MLV) helps create sound-blocking assemblies to reduce airborne sound transmission for new or retrofit applications. These barriers are as heavy as lead but use no lead fillers. Dense, yet flexible, mass loaded vinyl improves sound transmission loss (STC) without losing valuable space. Use this product […] Read More »

  • Custom cut flat foam was painted on site to create a unique and creative look for this learning facility.

    Custom Acoustic Foam Ceiling For Kids With Learning Differences

    Acoustical Solutions Rep Kevin McIver recently worked with a private independent school that serves children with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Kevin worked closely with the school’s contractors to design a custom acoustic foam ceiling created from Acoustical Solutions’ standard products. The room is a Physical Education Classroom that is always filled with a lot […] Read More »

  • window

    Soundproofing a Window

    Quite often we get calls about soundproofing a window. Our customers have issues with sound from traffic & highway noise, neighbors, barking dogs, HVAC and other machinery, etc. coming into a residential or commercial space. Typically, the complaint is that sound is coming in through the existing windows. Soundproofing a window helps provide to reduce […] Read More »

  • Old Mill Kennel

    Soundproofing a Dog Kennel

    Soundproofing a Dog Kennel has benefits for both humans and the dogs. It reduces ear fatigue for the humans and reduces stress for the dogs (which causes them to bark less). A typical dog kennel has painted block walls, an epoxy coated floor and a painted open truss metal ceiling. All these surfaces are used […] Read More »

  • Noise Reduction in Open Public Spaces

    My wife and I were sitting at the bar at one of our favorite brunch spots last Sunday. During our conversation, she turned to me and told me to stop shouting in her ear. This, of course, led to me speaking more softly in my normal speaking voice. She told me to stop joking around […] Read More »

  • Vacuum Icon

    How Do You Clean Acoustic Panels?

    Introduction With the arrival of Spring, many people focus on the nice weather, rejoicing that they can finally open their windows and clean their offices and homes after being holed up by the cold. While you are doing your Spring cleaning, however, you may wonder how do you clean acoustic panels? They are dusty, have […] Read More »