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Kevin McIver

  • Historic Rogers Building - Art Acoustic Panels are used to reduce ambient noise in this historic facility.

    Can I Add Art to Acoustical Panels?

    At Acoustical Solutions, we get asked all the time: Can I add art to acoustical panels? The answer is yes! Our Art Acoustic Panels do the job perfectly, as does our AcoustiWall Stretch System. These sound absorbing acoustical products are printed with acoustically transparent inks and fabrics to retain their noise reducing strength. Art Acoustic […] Read More »

  • King Family Vineyard - Vineyard Event room using PolyPhon™ ceiling panels to reduce noise during events.

    Acoustical Treatment in Wineries

    Soundproofing and noise control are an important but often overlooked aspects of facility management. This is especially true in wineries where excess noise can destroy the laid-back ambiance. We’ve treated spaces in wineries ranging from tasting rooms to large event halls and restaurants. Each time we get the same response: “Why didn’t we do this […] Read More »

  • Acoustical Solutions

    What is Sound Absorption?

    Introduction Maybe your neighbor told you that you needed sound absorption panels in your home theater, and you didn’t want to ask. Or maybe you have a big echoey office with lots of people working in it and the boss told you to go buy some sound absorption and then jetted off to Tahiti without […] Read More »