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Mark Brock

  • The AlphaSorb® Dual-Sided Absorptive Sound Blanket helps to reduce the ambient noise levels in and around this industrial booth.

    Industrial Hearing Protection: Lowering Reverberation Time

    Employees at industrial facilities are typically exposed to higher levels of noise than the average worker. Machinery in sawmills, compressor stations, and manufacturing plants can be very loud. This can far exceed the level of noise OSHA deems safe for an 8-hour shift. To combat the danger of NIHL (noise induced hearing loss), industrial hearing […] Read More »

  • Church of Scientology - Neighboring buildings that would be affected by the noise.

    Four Tips for Soundproofing Rental Units

    If you manage or own a multi-family dwelling, you can count on noise being a top complaint from your tenants. It’s not easy living so close to one another — especially with paper-thin walls and neighbors with differing schedules. Soundproofing rental units can make a world of difference for tenants who will be more comfortable, […] Read More »

  • Privacy Pal Partition Clip 4 Way Divider (HAWPRIVPAL-X)

    Office DIY: Acoustical Partition

    Bryan S. recently contacted Acoustical Solutions for help with a noise issue in his office control room. His shared workspace in Florida didn’t allow for much privacy, and sound traveled so easily that it was difficult for more than one person to be on the phone at a time. Adding to the problem were bare […] Read More »