When it comes to waiting room design solutions, soundproofing and noise control are hugely important, but often overlooked.

Have you ever been in a dentist’s office and heard a drill meeting someone’s tooth? How about a child’s horrified screams? What about waiting sick in a doctor’s office and the echo of chatter, children and ringing phones makes you feel worse than you did when you arrived?

Acoustical Solutions knows all too well how noise in the wrong places at the wrong times can cause extreme unrest. In most waiting rooms, the last thing anyone needs is more stress.

Waiting Room Design Solutions

We recently received an inquiry from an administrator at a dentist’s office about reducing noise in their waiting room. In this case, what they were mainly concerned with was the echo and reverberation in the waiting room. This sound made it hard to understand conversations. Consequently, people raised their voices to be heard, which only intensified the problem.

They sent us some photos to give us an idea of how the waiting room is laid out, one of Acoustical Solutions’ technical sales representatives was able to illustrate what acoustical treatment would look like in the space. The illustrations show AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels, which work by absorbing sound waves before the waves have a chance to bounce around the room.

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