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Antivibe® DL-10 Metal Damping Compound

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Product Description

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Our Antivibe® DL-10 Metal Damping compound is applied to surfaces to reduce vibration and noise energy to prevent ‘ringing’. This damping compound is a viscous water-based material formulated to provide vibration damping by converting the vibration energy into heat, reducing resonant vibrations, and decreasing ringing of thin metals and plastics.

The material can be spray applied or troweled onto the surface. Damping liquid is used to reduce vibration of thin materials and improve the sound quality of various equipment such as transit and off-road vehicles, fabricated metal cabinets, appliances, stainless steel sinks, bins, chutes, hoppers, metal roof panels, HVAC ventilation ducting, computer printers, and various other applications.

Technical Information for Antivibe® DL-10 Metal Damping Compound

  • Size:
    • 5 Gallon Pail
    • 55 Gallon Drum
  • Color: Beige
  • Paintable: Yes, material is paintable once it has completely dried and cured
  • Coverage:
    • 5 Gallon Pail: approximately 100 sq. ft. at 1/16″ thick
    • 55 Gallon Drum: approximately 1100 sq. ft. at 1/16″ thick
  • Total Solids: 62%
  • Viscosity (@25Deg.C): 280,000 CP Thixotropic paste
  • Wet Density: 1.43 g/cubic cm
  • Dry Density: 1.73 g/cubic cm
  • Flash Point: None
  • Hardness, Shore D: 58
  • Flammability:
    • FMVSS 302 (Pass)
    • UL 94V-0, 5Va (on substrate)
    • ASTM E162- Is=2
    • ASTM E622:
      • Ds(1.5) = 1 (flaming mode)
      • Ds(4.0) = 25 (laming mode)
      • Ds(1.5) = 1 (non-flaming mode)
      • Ds(4.0) = 3 (non-flaming mode)
  • Fungus / Mold: 0 Rating (ASTM G21)
  • Resistance to Two Day Immersion
    • Diesel Fuel: Excellent
    • Mineral Spirits: Excellent
    • Lubricating Oil: Very Good
    • Gasoline: Fair
    • Water: Fair
    • The resistance of Antivibe® DL-10 to immersion in various substances in shown above. There was no actual degradation after two days of exposure, but there was swelling and softening. After being allowed to dry at room temperature for a few days, complete recovery occurred.
  • Shelf Life: 1 year, protect from freezing.
Weight and Thicknesses of Antivibe® DL-10 required for a Dry thickness Ratio of 1:1
Sheet Metal Antivibe® DL-10
Thickness Wet Weight Wet Thickness Dry Weight
Gauge in. lb. / sq. ft. in. lb. / sq. ft.
12 0.1046 1.11 0.149 0.65
14 0.0747 0.79 0.107 0.47
16 0.0598 0.63 0.085 0.37
18 0.0478 0.51 0.068 0.30
20 0.0359 0.38 0.051 0.22
22 0.0299 0.32 0.043 0.19
24 0.0239 0.25 0.034 0.15

Installation Method

For extensional damping applications, bond the material well to the surface to maximize its effectiveness. In the case of Antivibe® DL-10, the bond between the dry product and the substrate depends largely on the nature of the substrate and how it has been cleaned and prepared prior to application of the damping material. Always coat the substrate with a primer before you apply the damping compound. You can apply these products by trowel or with a stiff brush, but you can achieve the best results by spraying to a maximum of 1/8″ thick coating.

Regardless of the application method used, ensure that all surfaces are free from dirt and any film which will interfere with the bond to the substrate. Spray equipment suitable for the application of viscous materials is required to apply our DL products.

Graco, Inc. recommends the following procedures:

For air assisted spraying: The 10:1 President Air Spray System, Model #225-886 equipped with a Heavy Fluid Reverse-a-Clean Air Spray Gun #204-000, with 1/4 – size round type cap.

For airless spraying: The 30:1 President Hydra Spray Package #231-063 with agitator or the 33:1 Bulldog Airless Spray Package #237-615 with a Hydramastic Reverse-a-Clean Spray Gun. We recommend a tip size of 0.043 inches. To assist the flow of the damping liquid toward the intake of the pump, the use of a ram or follower plate is highly advisable. Grind the internal hose connections smooth to eliminate any blockage of material. When not in use, keep the gun immersed in water. Clean the gun, feed lines, and pump after each shift.

Drying Rates for Antivibe® DL-10: The rate of drying depends very much on the following variables: thickness of coating and velocity, temperature, and relative humidity of the air. When the wet weight of Antivibe® DL-10 is 0.63 lb./ft2 (approx. 0.085″ or 2.17 mm), drying is complete after several hours at room temperature and low relative humidity. Thick one pass applications sometimes skin over and dry very slowly. You can achieve a faster drying time with high air temperatures and air flow rates. For example, if the wet weight of Antivibe® DL-10 is 0.15 lb./ft2 (approx. 0.02″ or 0.6 mm), the air temperature is 150°F and the air flow rate is 700 ft/min, the material is dry after about 8 minutes. If you increase the air temperature to 290°F, the drying time is about 2 minutes.

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