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Maze Nail Co.

The Issue

The Maze Nail Co. acoustically treated some of their industrial machinery to help protect their employees and increase productivity.

The Challenge

The Maze Nail Co. used a medium frequency vibratory feeder trough made of SS304. It is used to convey nails into a packaging line. This and other vibratory feeders in the packaging line generated enough noise to cause complaints from a shipping department, which was 75 feet away. The ringing was so bad that it made it difficult to talk on the phone or hear the overhead paging system, which has plenty of volume on its own.

The Solution

Two coats of Acoustical Solutions’ Antivibe® DL-10 Metal Damping were applied with an aspirating type of compressed air supply. A quart of water was added to each 5-gallon pail to thin it for air application.

The first coat dried enough in 4 hours to allow us to apply the second coat (even in summer humidity).

The next day, production was run on the line with a substantial reduction in noise. This was most evident by elimination of the high frequency ringing of the metal trays.

Other non-moving metal parts were sprayed as well, in effect damping the sound, which reached these surfaces.

The Result

Concerned with the fire-retardant nature of the product, the Maze Nail Co. tried to ignite it on a piece of 1/16″ steel after it was dry.

It was very resistant to supporting flame, and even when the steel was very hot, and the burner flame removed, the surface rendered only a small amount of smoke and for a very short period of time and was not particularly objectionable.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“We were very happy with the results of the product and will be applying more to various surfaces during our plant shutdown this summer””

— Jim Loveland, Plant Manager

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